Heavy Padded Bra (भारी गद्देदार ब्रा)

Heavy padded bra - Revoke your insecurities of small busts with Shyaway’s wonderful Heavily Padded Bras. They are crafted mindfully to boost your confidence and to evoke a love in you for yourself.

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For some odd reason, women with smaller busts have been made to feel less attractive, unworthy of opportunities and disregarded. This kind of reception has deeply hurt those women’s sensitivities and egos and shattered their confidence. Thankfully that is expeditiously changing. Putting aside all the shame, in reality, these women are of different categories, like the ones who love the way they are and the ones who love their bodies but want some curves too. Because cleavages are sexy. The cleavage is also feminine. So, is there a solution? Cosmetic surgeries are an option to get bigger boobs, but they are exorbitant, risky and have several limitations. First off, every body type, size, and shape is uniquely created and we can do nothing to change its natural state. It is key to make peace with that and take care of it rather than feeding it with hate comments. But without force, influence or condition; it is possible to introduce to women a way to increase their breast size by appearance. And that is exactly what we do at Shyaway.com.

*Strictly for women who wish for bigger breasts

Shyle is our home brand that is determined to curb all your fashions woes and body vulnerabilities. You can always alter your breasts' small appearance; you can make it look bigger, rounded and get a beautiful cleavage by wearing a padded bra.


A padded bra is a type of bra designed for multiple purposes such as concealing your nipples, giving your boobs additional support and finally increasing the size of your boobs. They are made from forms or gels. The padding can be added to any bra irrespective of its material. Interestingly, there are also different levels of padding, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 being the most common. Out of which the Level 3 is heavily padded and is most effective for cleavage and contouring. In India, the Push Up Bra and heavily padded bras come under one category because they both have very similar functions. However, there are a few differences. A pushup bra is good when you want to lift them and have underwires to keep the boobs in place. Whereas a heavily padded bra is made for shaping, doubling the size and for cleavage and they do not come with underwires. Our Level 3 padded bras will help you achieve that. Heavily Padded bras lift your breasts and have angular padding which shapes and contours your breasts. The angular padding also gives you a cleavage. An average heavily padded bra will have super thick foam pads that will double up or triple up your breast size.


If they aren’t awesome enough as they are, there are even different types under them. Racer-backs: These have inverted straps in other words, their straps are turned inwards and they form a curved shape. In the Bra, the straps won’t stick out and there are no hard hook & eyes. They are great for dresses, evening gowns, etc. Since they are racer backs the weight is uniformly distributed. Usually, the Level 3 bras don’t last because of their weight unless it is stored correctly, but sadly most people don’t know how to.


Heavily Padded bras do need special care, improper storing methods will damage the foam pads and soon they will lose their functionality.

  1. Do not hang them by the straps.
  2. Do not fold them.
  3. Simply place them and keep the hook & eye fastened even when not in use.

Order your heavily padded bras online from us today; browse through and find a heavily padded bra of your type.