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Unpadded bra - Nail your look with a sweet and subtle unpadded bra from Shyaway’s online Cotton Bra collection. Team it with a Bikini Panty to keep it light.

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It is great to see that the women of today have immense awareness on the wellness and benefits of wearing good Lingerie. Talking about an inner garment that has taken pride in establishing itself as an all-time favorite is the unapologetic unpadded bra. Being a silent scorer in the endless debates opposite its padded counterpart, the popularity of this stress-free intimate hasn’t gone down a bit. This is because lingerie brands have made this feature a staple while formulating the science behind dailywear lingerie such as T-shirt Bras, sleep-time cotton bras and casual work wear. The key reason being the amount of breathability that these casual pieces of lingerie can offer for the well-being of the busts, non padded bras ooze comfort in every pore. But wait, don’t confine this home-style bra to just being a boring comforter, because we have only begun to explore the world of unlined cups, read through on how shyaway.com has portrayed these in super-exciting styles.NOBLE & NOTEWORTHY NON-PADDED SLIP-ONS

Unlined Teenage Bras

Let’s start with finding bras for our blooming buds who are yet to explore the wide-spread world of lingerie that is eagerly awaiting the entry of these young and beautiful women. Hook closures might be something new to the developing busts leaving the teens in a state of confusion and discomfort wondering how these work. This is when a Beginner’s Bra comes to the rescue leaving aside the inhibitions of first time bra wearers. These non-padded slip-ons come in a palette of vibrant colors with contrasting spaghetti straps to ensure whole-day comfort and nurture to the soft and tender breasts.

The casual company of cami bras

It has always been a relaxing affair to overcome the mainstream of fastening the back hooks with easy slip-ons. Our fashion experts at Shyaway strongly recommend you to experience the magnum-opus in a Cami Bra. The smooth and stretchable cotton takes the natural shape of your bust line offering uninterrupted tranquility. With well-scooped necklines, lace-worked back styles and straps twinning subtly, if the magic of cropping the regular camisoles could add so much essence, why not give them a try? Moreover, these calming cami bras have equally-functional padded versions for those who seek extra support.

Join the non-padded sports squad

Most of the sports bras today are fitted with well-tailored padded cups for the most obvious reasons of providing bounce protection during intense workouts and fitness regimes. Though this might be the case with rigorous physical exercises, low-intense routines such as yoga and meditation require the need for uncurbed freedom to let the skin breathe efficiently, which has led to the need of keeping an unpadded sports bra handy. Ensuring fuller coverage, these unlined yet active bras have soft and stable under bands and shoulder straps to enrich the busts for a secured look and feel.


Unlined see-through bras

It is always exciting to think out of the box, isn’t it? Here is some good news to those who would wish to go a mile extra with the non-padding construction. Adding a sexy outlook to these unpadded yet unique intimates are the ones crafted in sheer see-through fabrics. This is the age of transparency; why not add this element of hotness in our bras? These clear-look bras crafted in lace have been selling like hot cakes especially among the soon-to-be brides. With the amount of sensuality that these intimates are ready to offer, buying a transparent bra seems like an out-of-the-sky idea.

Nod to these non-padded underwired dearies

Who says only push-up bras deserve the use of under wires? These semi-circular strips of metal have the ability to stand alone without the grace of heavily foamed cups. Ranking high on offering bust support, non-padded underwired bras from the brand Shyle speaks the perfect story of comfort, glam, and utility. Especially for those with bell-shaped and east-west bust shapes, this wired dailywear seems to be a gleaming favorite.