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Beginner bra - It’s time to get your first bra. You had “the discussion” about your first bra with your parents? You measured your breast size and are ready with the results, but you do not know where to buy your much-awaited gift? Then Shyaway is the place for you, here you can find many varieties of beginner’s bras. Hence, you will have many options to make your first bra more special.

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What Is a Beginner’s Bra?

In the mid-90s, young girls used to wear camisoles to cover their breasts once they hit puberty. In the later stages, beginners’ bras were invented for girls with developing breasts. Beginners bras are also known as training bras, they are a type of lightweight bras that are specially designed for young girls who have just started to develop breasts. Adult bras are usually heavier and have complex designs that can be tricky and tortuous for girls who are just starting. Hence, beginners’ bras are made with soft, stretchy, and lightweight fabric to make them feel comfortable wearing a bra. 

Usually, girls with developing breasts do not require much support. Hence, beginners’ bras are not designed to provide support instead, they concentrate more on coverage and allow the users to feel confident about their appearances. 

When Should One Start Wearing a Beginner’s Bra?

  • Once you hit puberty, you will notice several bodily changes such as breast growth, pubic hair, and facial hair. This is the perfect time to get your first bra.
  • As a beginner, you might be picky about your first bra, hence we offer a wide collection of beginners’ bra in different colors, sizes, patterns, and styles.
  • Everyone’s body is different and goes through different bodily changes. But an ideal time to buy your first bra is between the ages of 8 and 14.

What Is the Purpose of a Beginners’ Bra?

Sports bras or t-shirt bras are also some common alternatives for beginners’ bra but there are several reasons why you should start off with beginners’ bras. 

Finding the Right Bra

  • Know your body types and go accordingly. 
  • Have a discussion with an elder person before buying your first bra.
  • Measure your breasts and go with the size accordingly. Otherwise, you can also contact Shyaway through a phone call, where you need to follow some simple steps to find the right bra.
  • Always opt for bras that are a little loose and wear your bra in the last clasp for optimum comfort. 

What Is So Special about Shyaway’s Beginners’ Bra?

  • Our bras are well-crafted with extremely soft and stretchy material hence, they are completely beginner-friendly.

  • As a beginner, you might be picky about your first bra, hence we offer a wide collection of beginners’ bra in different colors, sizes, patterns, and styles.

  • Choosing your first bra can be frustrating as you might pick the wrong size. This is why we offer a 15 days return policy where you can exchange your bra or get a refund.

Your first bra can be a long-awaited gift for you, make it precious by choosing from Shyaway’s wide range of collections. 

Shopping beginners’ bras for Teens First Time

Beginning to wear a bra is stepping to becoming a young woman. Beginners’ bra is also known as a teenager bra which is specially designed for teenage girls who have begun to wear a bra. As a standard-sized bra does not get fit, the beginners’ bra gives the best support and comfort.

If you are trying to shop for a bra without your mom’s help, it can be really grueling, as it’s very confusing out there on the online shopping portal. But nothing is more comfortable than shopping for bras from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when shopping in India for bras online. Please read on and be well-informed.

Make sure you keep yourself in a comfort zone

The bra is not just beautiful but it must be soft and comfortable. It gives the right support that you need and keeps your body looking trim and streamlined.

Keeping all in mind, Shyaway has come up with the best collections of bra for teenagers, which is usually a lightweight, unlined, pullover style bra. It is crafted with soft cotton fabric, elastic band, and soft cups/ without cups or darts. A training bra will be more comfortable at first is without cups just like a slip-on style bra or sports bra style with full coverage.

Most teen bras are hook free and wireless in make and made from high-quality cotton and soft fabrics too. Bras made for teens are made with extra lining and help the girl look her best with all the comfort she needs. They are also designed in petal soft cups to give you the everyday comfort that they need and are designed to offer the perfect fit they deserve.

Bringing you the best of modish collections

Shyaway beginner bra online collections always come in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. They are crafted in a variety of colors and prints, lace edge, etc. Some of the styles may be with lightly padded for no nipple prominence and the padding may be of removable types as well. There are thin and broad straps as per the individual's comfort and the outfit they wear.

The majority of our collections are probably made out of cotton spandex mix and it is an extremely soft fabric. It provides effortless support and comfort in sophisticated styles and blissful fabrics ever. Hence it’s durable, absorbent, and easily washable. They are perfect for everyday wear and are great for girls who prefer natural materials.