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Loungewear Women: Loungewear encompasses comfortable clothing worn at home, promoting relaxation and ease during leisure time. Its importance lies in providing individuals with comfort and practicality, encouraging a sense of calm and relaxation amidst the demands of daily life. Shyaway loungewear offers benefits such as comfort, versatility for various activities, ease of movement, and even a touch of style. Types of loungewear range from cozy pajama sets and baby doll chemises to relaxed sleep tees and sleepwear bottoms, catering to different preferences and occasions, all while prioritizing comfort and relaxation.

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  1. Shyle Skin Close Neck Wide Strap Shaping Camisole
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  3. Shyle Black Close Neck Wide Strap Shaping Camisole
  4. Shyle Black Triangle Cup Soft Modal Long Chemise
  5. Shyle Skin Triangle Cup Soft Modal Long Chemise
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Loungewear for Women that Won't Restrict Your Movement

Loungewear refers to sleepwear clothing designed to be comfortable for both lounging and sleeping. Typically crafted with loose-fitting, soft, and breathable fabrics, loungewear provides easy movement and a cozy feel.

Additionally, loungewear is tailored to offer maximum comfort and relaxation during your downtime. These garments often feature elastic waistbands, and adjustable drawstrings to ensure a comfortable fit without constricting the body. 

Types of Loungewear 

Explore Shyaway’s latest nightwear that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Let’s know more!!


A babydoll is a short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightwear that features flattering frills, soft lace, and sheer tulle to make you feel more cozy. They are often made up of soft and lightweight materials that feel comfortable against your skin. 


Our extensive collection of camisoles and slips ensures you experience undisturbed comfort from morning to night. Browse through various designs and styles, as these camisoles are made from soft fabrics with stylish lace detailing.

Nightwear Sets

Nothing beats the comfort of nightwear sets. These are extremely versatile to wear, and provide the utmost level of comfort. Whether for lounging or sleeping, our nightwear sets promise a fashionable and hassle-free experience. 

Sleep Tee

Sleep tees are innovative pieces of nightwear that combine elements of a classic t-shirt with a unique sleepwear design. Made of breathable, skin-friendly fabric, they are easy to wash and ensure you sleep in style and comfort. Pair them with trousers or pyjamas for a coordinated look. 

Sleepwear Bottoms

Sleepwear bottoms are simple, lightweight pants that come with adjustable drawstrings. These tight-fitting pants offer comfort for sleeping and can be paired with your favourite tops like sleep tees, hoodies, and more.

Sleepwear Tops

Showcase your delicate beauty with our classic range range of sleepwear tops. Sleepwear tops,  including T-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, etc. They will sit at your hip level perfectly and can be paired with trousers as well as with pyjamas. 

Loungewear Fabrics 

Cotton Loungewear

Cotton and cotton blends are always the best!!! Cotton fabric is basically skin-friendly, and breathable and it will help regulate your body temperature correctly in balance. 

Lace Loungewear

Known for its softness and breathability, lace fabric provides intensive airflow, making it a great choice for summer clothing.


Satin Loungewear crafted from satin fabrics offers a soft, smooth, and lustrous feel throughout your sleep.


A natural fabric known for its softness and moisture-resistant properties, bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

In addition to the fabrics mentioned above, we offer loungewear in various fabrics like polycotton, modal, nylon spandex, polycotton spandex, viscose, and mesh.

Benefits Of Wearing Loungewear

  • Loungewear makes you feel more comfortable
  • It helps in relaxation and stimulates sleep
  • Loungewear can also be used for morning workouts
  • It offers a smooth and modern look.

How to Choose Your Loungewear?

Here are some tips for choosing the correct loungewear for women that will surely provide you with superior comfort and a perfect night’s sleep. 

1. Material

Consider the material carefully. Opt for a fabric that offers a smooth, buttery feel.

2. Weather

Choose loungewear according to the climate. For summer, lightweight cotton blends are ideal, while for winter, opt for thicker fabrics like satin or polyester.

Why Shyaway For Loungewear?

At Shyaway, we care for you!! That’s why we have curated wide collections of exclusive loungewear that will help you feel more comfy and relaxed. We have a wide range of loungewear in different colours, styles, and new designs, we are a size-inclusive brand. We offer easy shipping at affordable prices without compromising on quality or unique styles. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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