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Casual everyday bras online - Everyday casual bra gives you many benefits, like comfort, structure, and much more. We’ve added life to the casual everyday bra by adding various patterns, designs, and styles. Check out our wide range of everyday casual bras from unpadded, wireless, seamless which comes in different prints and made with soft fabrics. You can wear this bra under your T-Shirt, suit, or a salwar. Grab your favorites now.



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Imagine the magical moment when you gaze yourself at the mirror and your bra sits perfectly on you, giving you all the comfort and class you need. Doesn’t this feel good? Undoubtedly, a casual everyday bra is the most comfortable bra ever. Working women undergo a lot of stress and panic throughout the day, right from the stressful travel to their workplace till the moment they reach back home. Lingerie is one of the factors that decide a woman’s sense of comfort for the whole day. Especially when it comes to choosing your casual everyday bra online, there comes a dilemma on where to buy them. A wide range of casual bras is available at India’s top online lingerie shopping site


Keep the following points in mind while choosing your everyday bra online for the best experience.

1. One fabric that suits a woman’s daily schedule is cotton. Most cotton bras are breathable. They are soft, absorb sweat, and protect your skin from rashes. So buying a cotton everyday bra is the best choice one can make. Everyday bras are also available in spandex and polyamide. One can also go with a lightly padded bra for naturally enhancing your busts on a casual day.

2. Daily-wear bras are available on in almost every size. So choosing the right size won’t be an issue. Also, the site offers a bra size calculator and size chart from where the bra sizes can be easily determined. Getting the right bra size matters a lot while buying everyday bras because it is worn almost throughout the day.

3. Colour shades of the bra should be taken into consideration depending on the climate. Light colors such as white and peach could be worn during the summer as they absorb less heat and keeps the bra sweat-free and comfortable all day long. Bold and dark shades such as black and maroon can be worn during shady seasons when there is not much heat radiated. Everyday bras come in almost all shades and hence keeping a collection of some basic colors in the closet may come in handy any time of the day.

4. Deciding on what to wear under a white T-shirt always remains a question. One most common mistake women make is by wearing a white bra under a white T-shirt. This makes the bra look more prominent and see-through which doesn’t give a very good appeal except when you want to show off your inners. Since working women may have to wear formal T-shirts to the workplace, it is best to go in for nude shades and shades of gray to wear under your white T-shirt. A T-shirt bra can also be used in place of an everyday bra.

5. Casual Everyday bras come in two types of coverage. A full-coverage bra is the most comfortable bra for larger breasts. They provide full support and give a no-worry feel throughout the day as it reduces spillage at the front and sides. So, even a tight fit dress can be worn at ease with a full coverage bra. Demi coverage everyday bras are best suited for women with smaller busts or in general while wearing a low-cut or square neck top. They provide a bit of cleavage and are mostly suitable for special occasions.

6. It is best for beginners to start with a casual everyday bra as it provides the best support. All everyday bras come with adjustable bra straps and hence there is no worry of falling straps.

7. Western outfits such as T-shirts and tops can be adorned with seamless everyday bras.  Seamed bras give more shape and contour to the busts when wearing an ethnic outfit.

8.  A great news to feeding mothers is that everyday bras also come with front-openings. This makes the mother feel at ease not only while feeding but throughout the day. At times, an everyday bra can also be worn as a nursing bra.


Most women feel that online bra shopping is a nightmare. But with, buying lingerie online has become easier than ever. It showcases a good number of renowned brands such as Bloom, Lovable, Jockey, Susie, and many others who have a wide collection of everyday bras. A casual bra that fits like a second skin is a woman’s best friend and is all it takes to win the day.