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If you think lace is special, then feel special everyday in our pretty Everyday Bras crafted with lace. Buy cotton push-up bras and Underwire Bras for a little functionality everyday. 

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Women fancy lace greatly enough to incorporate it in everything from accessories to home decor. But the very first use of lace was in Lingerie. It is till date an unco part of lingerie design and manufacture. Even with the abundant use of lace, it still becomes an item set aside for special occasions. Attributes like confidence and body positivity largely depend on what you wear and how you carry yourself. Only a handful of women actually care about their undergarments and invest in some exquisite dainty pieces but the rest of us just fill our closets with the most basic items that we can do with or cannot do without.

Nevertheless the power of lingerie remains unmatched and unadulterated. Wear one of Shyle’s Lace Bras and spend a moment of two in front of the mirror, you will unquivocally start apprepriciating your body. Lace acts like a magic potion, it takes you beyond the conventional and the boundaries. You can now wear incorporate the lace bra every day of your life. Swap the boring, worn out and deformed bras for these lovelies. Shyaway offers a diverse collection of bras crafted with lace and the newest ones are the everyday bras.

The lower portion of the cup is made of polyamide and the upper portion is made of lace and they are available in five hues. The lace is not only stylish but it is a breathable fabric and feels light on the skin.

And if that wasn’t awesome as it is, the bra is also underwired to give the bust a mild lift throughout the day, you will look a lot younger and be in a great posture because of the underwires.Unlike what you may have heard, the underwire is pretty safe to wear everyday if you feel like your breasts are dropping ( there are breast shapes that are naturally facing south but the context here is different). A well-fitting underwired bra is comfortable and wearable, it does not dig in or bite or cause any pain. You can give it a break and wear it every other day, which proves to be very safe.

Another very common myth is that a Push-Up Bra should not be worn everyday. While this is partially true, it does not affect your breast health in any manner. A push-up is pretty high maintainance, it may lose its original shape if not taken care of properly or if it is in use for long hours.

If you prefer a bra that midly minimizes or reduces the appearance of your breasts, the lace winged T-shirt bra is the perfect choice, for women large breasts can don the T-shirt bra everyday, there are no rules in fashion, if the bra serves a purpose or addresses a problem you are struggling with, then you should definitely swap the Regular Bras for a functional bra.

Because afterall everyone’s ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ is starkly different.