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An hourglass figure is within everyone’s reach now! Buy the best shapewear (शेपवियर) for women online. Get your tummy, thighs, and love handles to look fit and gorgeous. Choose between a tummy tucker, thigh shaper, waist cincher, saree shapewear or all-in-one shapewear to get those spotlights shining bright on you. Shapewears are often misconstrued to be restrictive, Shyaway’s shapewears are made of high-quality fabric with elastane to help in free-range movement while holding onto your securely.

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  1. United Classic Sky Blue Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    United Classic Sky Blue Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    ₹779 ₹1299 (Save 40%)
  2. United Classic Hot Red Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    United Classic Hot Red Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    ₹779 ₹1299 (Save 40%)
  3. United Classic Emerald Green Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
  4. United Classic Nude Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    United Classic Nude Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    ₹779 ₹1299 (Save 40%)
  5. United Classic Black Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    United Classic Black Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    ₹779 ₹1299 (Save 40%)
  6. United Classic Hot Pink Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    United Classic Hot Pink Saree Shapewear With Side Slits
    ₹779 ₹1299 (Save 40%)
  7. Shyle Black Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    Shyle Black Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    ₹584 ₹649 (Save 10%)
  8. Shyle Nude Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    Shyle Nude Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    ₹584 ₹649 (Save 10%)
  9. Shyle Black High Waist Padded Butt Shapewear Brief

Curious about shapewear and its uses? Confused with numerous choices? Get to know everything about shapewear before you buy them down below. 

Shapewear for Women

The most popular opinion on shapewear (शेपवियर) for women are:

  1. It’s almost impossible to wear one.
  2. The firmness will leave you with rashes and red marks.
  3. Shapewear is only for obese women.
  4. Saree shapewear restricts movement.
  5. They are too costly.

The Best Shapewear for Women

Here is what shapewear experts got to say about the complaints placed on shapewear:

1. The best shapewear for women is the one that hides your tummy, gives your thighs a dreamy shape, distributes your side fat, and on top of all gives you an hourglass figure. Yes, it’s uncomfortable at first and unlike your high heels, shapewear understands your body and gets along within a matter of hours.


2. The best shapewear is made of high-quality fabric and is designed to sit firm and not tight. The broad waistband distributes your fat evenly to give you a smooth surface.  If your shapewear tends to leave marks and rashes, either you have got the wrong size or the quality is not up to mark.


3. Though shapewear was essentially crafted for obese women to wear under bodycon or form-fitting dresses while enjoying a smooth and gentle silhouette. There are shapewears with padding created for lean women which make them look voluptuous.


4. Saree shapewears are crafted with side slits to enable free-range movement. Wearing a saree can be quite difficult for first-timers and saree shapewears are made to make your saree experience easier. But women have to understand that saree shapewears aren’t exactly designed for sitting down on the floor nor for doing heavy tasks. They are completely for dolling you up with elegance and poise.


5. Shyaway shapewears are priced reasonably and offer a wide range of varieties to cater to all your needs and preferences. Buy your first shapewear within your budget and get used to being beautiful.

Shapewear for Women Online

Searching for shapewear online? Worry not, here are the most famous types of shapewear you should know before you go online shopping:

1. Body Briefs- They are similar to panties and are used by women with fat deposits in the lower abdomen. They can also be useful under tight fitted pants to get rid of any jiggling muscles.

2. Tummy Tuckers- Belly fat is the most common problem when it comes to wearing fitted or normal outfits. Tummy tuckers redistribute these fat deposits evenly across your torso and help you in achieving a flat stomach look all the time. 

3. Control Camisoles- Wearing a bra, shapewear, camisole and then your actual outfit can get tiresome. Control camisoles can be used as shapewear and a camisole. They function as shapewear that can hide your tummy, love handles and any back fat. Control camisoles are the rage among young adults and are available in nude, white and black.

4. Long Leg- These are similar to your cycling shorts and are the best shapewear for your thighs. They don’t guarantee a thigh gap but can still prevent your thighs from jiggling when you go dancing on a Friday night.

5. Saree Shapewear- They give you the best silhouette under your saree. They are often used to achieve a saree fitting similar to celebrities. Saree shapewears can get your candid photos to look stunning while keeping your saree secure around your hips.

6. Seamless Shapewear- As the name suggests, they don’t have seams and go hand in hand with bodycon outfits. Seamless shapewear is often bought in nude or black colour. 

7. Merry Widow- These are best suited for short cold shoulder frocks or short skirts. They are similar to swimsuits and can be used to replace a bra, camisole and panties.

Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind before you buy shapewear online:

  1. What type of shapewear will suit you best?
  2. What type of fabric is used on your shapewear?
  3. Get the help of the online store’s size chart to buy the best fit
  4. Broader the band size, the better the experience. 
  5. Buy women’s shapewear online at the best price after checking the store rating. Lingerie shops should be your first choice. 

Thus, shapewears are designed to offer you support, prevent humpback, bulky legs, flat chest or flat butt looks. They can also be worn by women to get their tummies back in shape after childbirth. 

Similar to padded bras, butt shapers offer women a nice round butt shape. Shapewears are made of elastane, nylon and spandex which are breathable and water-resistant. Thus, they can hold sweat with an awesome fit. Buy shapewear online in India only at Shyaway, your favourite lingerie store.