Cheer up that back side instantly with Butt Shapewear online at shyaway.com. Wear Leggings or any items on top of it to accentuate and shape your bottom. It is your special secret that treats you well.

SHAPEWEAR – Lifts, enhances and sculpts your curves the right way

Shape wear is basically an inner garment worn to control or limit the display of bodily features. Shape wear comes in various levels of controls that differ in terms of how much it provides in terms of compression such as low compression, medium compression, strong or high compression.

Most of the women in the world wish that they were thinner or had bodies like those models and actresses that they view on screen. Here comes the role of shape wear. If you cannot sculpt your body, there are ways to make it seem as if your body is slimmer and in shape than it really is.

At Shyaway we look to meet all your needs by a full range of body shapers that give you an opportunity to look good and feel confident and that can be worn comfortably under your clothing that include top brands such as Enamor, Amante, Jockey, Hanes and Laavian.

Every woman can achieve to get the perfect hourglass figure if they equip themselves with the right shapewear that attack the fat target zone, so it’s time to stop worrying about how you look in your clothes.

For example if you want to suck or tuck in a lot of fat you need to use high level compression shape wear, whereas you can make do with a low compression if you just want to get a streamlined appearance.

So if you are looking for shapewear that is comfortable, easy-to-wear and instantly slim, flatten or enhance your breast, waist, stomach, hip, thighs, buttocks and legs and give you the figure that you have always desired, Shyaway is the one-stop-shop for all your shapewear needs.

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  • Shyle Black Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    Flat 10

    Shyle Black Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief

    Regular Price: Rs.649

    Special Price Rs.584

  • Shyle Nude Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief
    Flat 10

    Shyle Nude Torso-Slimming Shapewear Brief

    Regular Price: Rs.649

    Special Price Rs.584


Simplistic! Irresistible! Smart! The shapewear choices for today can slim your stomach, back side, thighs and so on. Shyaway launched a new series of Butt Shaper to fit every waistline and not let that butt flab do a peek a boo with you. Made with a decent mix of Polyamide and spandex, the fabric moulds and shapes up every extra flap on the butt, just the right way and sits perfectly underneath whatever you choose to wear. And you should not bother about the colour you choose, as the butt lifters are available in a nude and black colour. Available in a size bucket ranging from M & L. The shapers that control the butt and gives the good shape to the backside portion. The lifters help the women in shaping up the body and gives a perfect contour to the women wearing the same. Look for a Padded product to give you a curvaceous look or something that will tighten and lift your back. You look perfect shape even when you wear this with full legged pant or trousers. The cutting creates a stunning new lift for the curves you already have. 


Shyle brand has specially designed the shapewear to not only suit every waist line but also bring out the sensuous contours of a woman and ensures that you don't have to worry about what you wear on top of it. The tighteners fit you fine even when you wear a saree or a salwar. Priced quite pocket-friendly at Rs.460. The stretchable fabric is for the ultimate comfort and to keep you cool. The material used is long lasting and durable. This Butt Shapewear is now available online at shyaway.com.

Shapewear is becoming one such product in the Indian apparel market. It has some growth and transgresses from being just a special occasion wear to everyday wear. Body shapers have now moved from slimming to shaping where even light bodied customers are using shapewear to give a better shape to their bodies. And moreover, it gives the slimmer and toned look to the body and gives the better shape to your butt. The product has received excellent feedback from customers and retailers and hence the brand can be a perfect choice for any women. Choose the perfect Padded Bra online for this butt shaper and wear an outfit to look natural and seductive. This perfect shaper can control your butt and gives the shape that looks sexy for any women.


Shyaway has created their own Panty Size Calculator which help them select the perfect product. They have a huge range of products for women catering different parts of the body in the shape wear category. All the products are comfortable to wear, affordable and can be teamed up with any attire. Our enhancing other shapewear collection includes Body shapewear, Tummy shapewear and Thigh shapewear. Browse a variety of leggings, Panties to enhance every body type. Body shapers help any women to transform from slimming to trimming to enhancement. This specially made enhancing butt shapewear has become increasingly popular. You can able to find the vast collection of shaper that enhances and shape the bottom. Find more items in shyaway that offer fashion and styles to suit every woman's fancy.

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