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30B Bra Size - Upgrade your fashion with this 30B Bra size in varying styles and collections from shyaway.com. Build your confidence wearing this beautiful Lace Bra at a very reasonable price. Get on with a Capri Set Nightwear for an enchanting look. 

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Woman’s beauty is what she wears to pose her inner conscious. Consciousness is the soul of lingerie. When a woman gets the right Lingerie, they say she can conquer the world. Women are more crucial in getting their perfect lingerie. So Shyaway, one-stop marketplace for all your lingerie needs, helps you with the best Lingerie collections in expected sizes from the best brands at attractive prices. We bring you the 30B Bra size for the women with small bust and slim in size. This size bra is the first stage of bra for teenagers who enter the world with a new transform in their body. Shyaway helps the beginners with specially designed bra providing them comfort in all ways. We are sure that every woman loves our products as we get them the best quality goods from the best well-known brands.


Women with a slender body and small bust wish for great uplifted appearance. Assert your style with T-shirt Bra sizing 30B giving a stunning vision in fashion and trend. B sized cups give you more fabulous look in style and comfort. This T-shirt full coverage bra is designed beautifully giving you a perfect extra of unique elegance. Tune your style in this stunning bra while going for college or outing. Coming across a soft moment with utmost comfort and delicacy making you fly in style. Expressing your beauty is essential and the more important way to express it is from your beautiful lingeries. It is crafted with soft, stretchy materials like cotton and spandex giving your skin a smooth touch. They are designed in prints and lace extras giving you fresh breath all day long. Match your comfy level with a soft Hipster Panty for an amazing style.


Jog your style in this super flexible soft Sports Bra to stay healthy while doing exercise and other activities. High-quality sports bra from well-known brand Cross and pearl. It’s a regular strapped bra with soft cotton mix giving you a breathe texture. Its stretchy spandex mix gives a good support to your bust while running on base. The bra cups are perfectly stitched or seamed and is wirefree giving you greater uplift and comfort. It’s a full coverage bra resulting in no cleavage shown. This activewear is a slip-on type bra that is easy to remove and wear.  Suit yourself with a matchy Tights Sportswear while going to gym or jogging. It has soft elastic bands around the waistline getting you comfort from all zones.


Being comfortable in your daily wear is a craze for every woman. Start your day with comfy wearing 30B Everyday Bra, that is designed in different styles and prints. You can get your favorite bra in both demi and full coverage formulae. These bras are casually styled with floral and vibrant prints over it. Padding in cups hurt your bust when it comes to daily wear. So, you are provided with unpadded cups giving comfort and support all day. It has soft elastic straps in adjustable and regular manners. This bra is given with plenty hooks for adjusting your band size from the back side. You can use this type of bra for both homely and outing purpose. While going outing with your friends, you can get on with a beautiful Tank Tops over this bra for an alluring fashion. The designs of lace touch and vibrant shades will make you love the product.


Shopping Online has become a trend takeover by both men and women. Shyaway.com is one of the best online shopping zones in India dealing with the ladies’s lingerie styles. While grazing in our site, you will come across unlimited collections as options are limitless. You will find vibrant collections of lingerie’s right from Strapless Bra to Bikini Panty only in shyaway store at very reasonable price. We always fill the hearts of our customers with happiness and satisfaction. 


1. Is 30B a small bra size?

In the alphanumeric bra size, numbers denote the band size. 30B bra size refers to the band size of 30" which is below average. B refers to the cup size which is closer to average size. There is 2 inches difference between your underbust and overbust measurements. 30B is a small bra size in comparison with C and D cup sizes.

2.Can 30A size girl wear 30B sized bra?

The size variation in the cups depends on the brand. There will at least be slightest variations between different brands. It is better to try the bra on and check for the correct fit before buying. In general 30A bra cup size will be smaller than the 30B bra cups of the same brand. And a 30B bra cup size is bigger than a 30A Bra size. 30B bra will be looser for a girl whose size is 30A. Is 30B a small bra size?