Would you like something more than a cashback, discount or offer? Here is that little extra to make your shopping experience more enriching at

Shyaway is introducing a rewards feature to make every penny you spend bring you a little extra. Find out how to avail, use these reward points to your benefit and other details through the FAQs below.

How Do I Earn Shayway Reward Points?

There are 3 ways to earn Shyaway reward points

  • Shyaway gives you reward points for first-time sign-in.
  • You can earn reward points for every purchase you make with us.
  • You can earn reward points when your family and friends sign into Shyaway using your referral code/invitation. (Maximum Referal count would be 10)
What Is the Validity For My Reward Points?

Your reward points are valid for 180 days from the date of credit to your Shyaway account.

What Is the Value of Each Reward Point?

Each Shyaway reward point is worth Rs 0.25. Thus, 4 Shyaway reward points make a rupee. You can accumulate these rewards points to shop later.

Payment Mode to Avail Shyaway Rewards

Shyaway reward points can be earned by purchasing on our official website using any payment mode.

What If My Reward Points Are Not Enough to Make a Purchase?

You can pay for your purchases partly with Shyaway rewards points and partly through other payment modes. (Note that your entire reward balance will be used and only the remaining bill amount will be collected through other payment modes.)

How to Check Reward Balance?

Kindly visit your Shyaway wallet to check your wallet and reward balance. Please contact our customer care if you have any discrepancies.

What to Do If My Payment Didn’t Go Through?

In the event of a computer or payment error due to a crash or a network issue, please wait for 3-5 business days to have any debited amount or reward points reflect into your account. Kindly contact our customer care for any additional assistance.

Are Reward Points Transferable?

Shyaway reward points can only be redeemed at on a new purchase. They are not eligible for transfer in cash or kind.

Do we have any threshold to redeem our points?

Yes, You need a minimum of 1000 Reward Points to redeem.

Can I Earn Reward Points on All Purchases?

Yes, you can earn reward points on any purchase made on Shyaway regardless of discounts, promotions, offers and sales already applied on your bill amount. Shyaway reward points do not have an order limit, every customer is treated equally here.

Will I Be Charged for Earning or Using These Reward Points?

Shyaway strives to give you the most sophisticated shopping experience and charging for reward points is not the way to sophistication. Thus, you will not be charged in any way for earning or using the reward points in your Shyaway account.

Will My Reward Points Be Refunded In Case of Return/ Exchange?

Exchange? Yes, any reward point or cash collected from you for a particular purchase will be reimbursed to your Shyaway wallet in the event of a refund and any difference in the bill amount will be reimbursed in the case of exchange.

Kindly contact our customer care for further queries.