The Complete Guide For Plus Size Bra: All you need to know

Plus Size Bra Guide


Finding the perfect bra is the biggest nightmare for every woman, that too if you are voluptuous, then you might have gone through many struggles in order to find a perfect fit. In order to get rid of that fear, we have come up with a complete plus size bra guide, where you will get to know about everything related to plus size bra.

In this guide, you will find what is considered a plus size bra? And its types, who can wear them and when to wear them, styling ideas, tips to choose the perfect big size bra according to your size and the facts & myths about the plus size bras.


What Is Plus Size Bra

1. What Is Plus Size Bra

What is Plus Size Bra

Plus size bras are basically designed for generous women with larger breasts focusing mainly on the coverage, support, and style so that the women with larger breasts will get what they want. In technical terms, the big size bra refers to a band size that ranges from 38 and above. It also includes features like a wider band, wider straps, consistent cups with enough coverage, and some other special features to make curvaceous women’s day-to-day life more comfortable and easier.


Types of Plus Size Bra

2. Types of Plus Size Bra

Based on the design, coverage, and style there occurs to be different types of plus size bras. From soft padded plus size bra to full coverage plus size bra there are so many big bra types for everyday wear and when it comes to special occasions you can pick a plus-size bralette bra, plus size balconette bra and so many plus size bra types are there for you.

  • Soft Padded Plus Size Bra
Padded Plus Size Bra

Comfort matters!

If comfort is your first and foremost priority then soft padded plus size bras are the one for you. These soft padded bras come with light padding that gives you the perfect fit, comfort and support. They are made to be extremely comfortable for your busts and goes well with any of your outfits.

  • Moulded Plus Size Bra
Moulded Plus Size Bra

Great Fit!

The moulded plus size bras are the perfect fit for curvy women because they offer great coverage and shape without adding any extra volume to your busts. And the cups are smooth without any seam so they provide you the smooth silhouette coverage that you have been craving for.

  • Wirefree Plus Size Bra

Support without poking, pinching and prodding!

Wirefree plus size bras are also known as soft cups bras as they don’t have any hard or rigid material. These bras won’t provide you the upliftment and enhancement like wired bras. Hence they are found to be the most comfortable everyday bras for curvy women.

  • Underwired Plus Size Bra
Underwired Plus Size Bra

Contour the lift with shape!

Underwired plus size bras are best suitable for women with heavy busts because they can provide you a perfect lift to your sagging bust under any costume. They are specifically designed to contour the shape of your busts and give a round shape to your busts by lifting them.

  • Plus Size Strapless Bra
Plus Size Strapless Bra

Say goodbye to slipping, sliding and digging!

Finding a perfect strapless bra for heavy-busted women is not the toughest task. Nowadays there are a variety of strapless plus-size bras that come in sturdy bone siding and thick fit to keep your bust supported. So no more goodbyes to shoulder-baring outfits.

  • Full Coverage Plus Size Bra
Full Coverage Plus Size Bra

Look sexy in full coverage!

Who said you can’t look sexy when you are all covered up? It is not always necessary to show up your cleavage to look sexy. Full coverage plus size bras with underwire provides you the ultimate coverage and support to make you feel fabulous and sexy.

  • Front Closure Plus Size Bra
Front Closure Plus Size Bra

Life saviour!

Do you find it difficult to hook your bras from behind? Here comes a front closure plus size bra to save you from this trouble as the hook fasteners are placed on the front. These front closure / front open bras will make your life easier. The best part about this front closure bra is you will get a perfect cleavage to flaunt your sexy curves as they are featured with demi cups.

  • Plus Size T-shirt Bras
Plus Size T-shirt Bras

Basic is must!

Like a normal woman, even a curvy woman also needs this basic bra. Plus size t-shirt bra provides you with a fuller and rounder bust look. No matter even if you are blessed with fuller busts t-shirt is a must as it gives you the proper coverage and conceals you from the embarrassing nipple peaks.

  • Plus Size Balconette Bras
Plus Size Balconette Bras

Perfect partner for a romantic night!

You are going to love this bra! Balconette bras are best suitable for women with broad shoulders and fuller busts. These plus size balconette bras are also known as shelf bras. As they cut off the cup and create a balcony-like shape that lifts the breasts and enhances the appearance, shape, and cleavage.

  • Plus Size Sports Bra
Plus Size Sports Bra

It’s time to engage yourself in workouts!

Some of you might have stopped yourself from working out just because of heavy breasts, but not anymore. A Plus-size Sports bra comes to your rescue. Get back to your daily workout routine with these large size sports bras to lead a healthy lifestyle without worrying about wardrobe malfunction and breast movement during your workout.

  • Plus Size Push up Bra
Plus Size Push up Bra

Flaunt your sexy curves!

Women with fuller breasts think that push-up bras are not meant for them. Slay that thought by indulging in these ultra-comfortable plus size push-up bras and flaunt your sexy curves. In some push up bras, the pads are removable which makes them a perfect fit for you.

  • Plus Size Bralette Bra
Plus Size Bralette Bra

2 in 1 stylish lingerie!

Bralettes are comfortable and best fit for women with a fuller bust. Every woman will fall in love with this bralette due to its features and style. Bralette works as both innerwear and outerwear without compromising its support and sexy pullover fit.

  • Plus Size Bridal Bra
Plus Size Bridal Bra

To make you feel special!
The most significant part of your wardrobe during your wedding is the bridal lingerie who does not want to feel special on their D-day. These flawless plus size bridal bras provide you the perfect support, shape and most importantly the comfort. These bridal bras embrace a lot of purpose on your big day.

  • Plus Size Minimizer Bra
Plus Size Minimizer Bra

Blow your mind!

Minimizer bra helps to reduce the appearance of your breasts by spreading the breasts tissue and giving a minimized appearance to your busts. If you want a proportional figure this bra can help you out. This plus size minimizer bra not only reduces your bust appearance but also provides enough coverage and support.

  • Plus Size Nursing Bra
Plus Size Nursing Bra

Effortless Nursing!

During pregnancy times you tend to face a lot of hormonal changes which makes your breasts heavier. Plus size nursing bras also offer more support and their wider cups protect you from breast spillage. Plus size nursing bras come with larger bands and adjustable straps to support your heavy breasts.

  • Plus Size Plunge Bra
Plus Size Plunge Bra

Get a plunge look/ fascinating cleavage!

Who doesn’t love those low neckline dresses? However, most of you abstain from wearing plunge dresses just because your regular bras don’t fit under them. No more restrictions, you can now opt for this plus size plunge bras which give you a sexy plunging neckline with undeniable support.

  • Plus Size Lace Bra
Plus Size Lace Bra

A dream for every woman!

Just like skinny girls even you deserve to fulfill your lace fantasies. These sumptuous lace over the cups gives you a sexy and sassy look without compromising the great coverage and support. It’s time to add these pretty big-size lace bras in your intimate closets now.


How to Find a Perfect Plus Size Lingerie?

3. How to Find a Perfect Plus Size Lingerie?

How to measure bra size for plus-size chests?

Sizing Fitting issues are the major problem when it comes to lingerie. So it is not a big surprise when you choose the wrong-sized lingerie. Wearing a correct size bra is more important. If you are questioning yourself, how do I choose a bra for heavy breasts? Well, we have got a simple way to solve the size fitting issue and to find the perfect plus size bra for all the curvy beauties out there. Follow these tips to choose the perfect plus-size bra.

How to measure for a plus size bra?

Band Size

Measure tightly against your underbust, where usually your bra band sits.

Cup Size

Measure the fullest part of your bust by keeping the measuring tape around your back at the band level.

Waist Size

Take measurement of your natural waist.

Hip Size

Measure the size of your hip at the widest part.


Who Can Wear a Plus Size Bra?

4. Who Can Wear a Plus Size Bra?

Who Can Wear a Plus Size Bra?

Every woman’s life cycle has different stages like puberty, hormonal changes, menstrual cycle, pregnancy times, and menopause during these times there will be gradual changes in the growth of women’s breasts. So your breasts do not remain stable throughout your lifetime. Below we have mentioned women with different stages who will be in need of large size bras.

  • Girls Who Have a Curvaceous Structure
Plus size bra for Girls Who Have a Curvaceous Structure

By being a curvy girl at a young age you tend to face a great impact on your day-to-day life. But not anymore. Opt for full-size bras where you get to style your curves more beautifully. It’s important to choose the correct bra as girls at a young age will have delicate breast tissues. Go for bras that provide a smooth silhouette look.

  • Middle-Aged Women
Plus size bra for Middle-Aged Women

Middle-aged women between the ages of 50 to 60, whose body is already in the stage of menopause will be facing a lot of hormonal changes that might lead to sagging breasts and unwanted weight gain. Considering these changes in your body, you can wear a plus size bra to vget a nice lift without losing your confidence.

  • Pre and Postpartum Pregnant Women
Plus size bra for Pre and Postpartum Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a women’s body structure and shape will change automatically. Due to hormonal changes, you will be having uneven breast growth throughout your pregnancy and even after the baby is born. When you start noticing these changes in your breasts then it’s time for you to switch into big-size bras.

  • Post-surgery Women
Plus size bra For Post-surgery Women

Women who went under breast and chest surgery need extra support, compression, and of course beautiful looks without sacrificing their comfort. This big-size bra has several key factors which make it a good fit for post-surgery women. And there are also several types of plus size bras that are soft, wire-free, and have front closures & adjustable straps.


Different between Full Bust Bras and Plus Size Bras

5. Different between Full Bust Bras and Plus Size Bras

Yes, this happens to every woman. Not only you, even other women also get confused between these two bras. To be more specific both the plus size and full figure are completely different. You can be either big size or the other but you can’t be both. To put it in a simpler way you either have a full bust with a slim body or a full figure or a curvy body shape.

Plus Size Bras Full Figured Bras
Plus Size bras
Full Figured Bras
Plus size bras are for women who have a full muscular body. Full bust bras are for women who have fuller bust and a slim body.
The term plus size refers to the band and cup size of the bra. The term full bust meant to be the measurement of the cup size of the bra
When you take a plus size bra you can see they are designed with larger band size. Whereas the full bust bras are designed with a larger cup size.
More secure and firm fit. Lightness and delicacy.

Things Show That You Are under Plus Size

6. Things Show That You Are under Plus Size

Anyone can find their ideal bra when they know their size correctly. If you have the following type of problems then it shows that the bra which you are using now is not the correct fit and it’s time for you to swap into big size bras.

  • Slipping straps
Slipping Bra straps
  • Digging straps
Digging Bra straps
  • Digging bands
Bra Band Digging
  • Band rides high
Band rides high
  • Band rides low
Band rides low
  • Double bust
Double bust while wearing bra
  • Side bust
Side bust while wearing bra
  • Under bust
Under bust while wearing bra
  • Caping cup
Caping Cup while wearing bra

How to Wear a Plus Size Bra

7. How to Wear a Plus Size Bra

Wearing a plus size bra is the same as the other type of bras. It is not a big deal. Your brand is the main support system for your bra, if it fits comfortably then you have crossed halfway. Next, you need to check whether your cup fits correctly on your bust. If not then you have to opt for the perfect cup which comfortably sits on your busts. Now keep scrolling to have a simple overview of how to wear your full-size bra in a flawless way.

  • Place
How to Place a Plus-Size Bra?

Put your arms through the shoulder bra straps and place it correctly around your busts and make sure whether it is positioned correctly and the bra cups fit on your breasts.

  • Fasten the hook
How to Fasten the hook while Wearing a bra?

Stand erectly and reach out for the band on your back. Grasp the hook and try fastening it. Make sure that the band is on level and try to fasten it correctly in level.

  • Adjust
How to Adjust a Plus size bra?

Adjust your shoulder straps and bra cups. Keep adjusting them if they are not in the correct position.

  • Final check
How to wear a Plus size bra?

After it is completely done. Do the final check from your shoulder straps & cups to hook fasteners.


When and What You Can Wear with Plus Size Bra?

8. When and What You Can Wear with Plus Size Bra?

There is a thing that you must be aware of when you are a plus size bra user. Still now, many of you have been wearing only one big size bra style for every occasion but not anymore. There are so many varieties of full size bras to accommodate you in every type of occasion. Here is a worthy list of full size bras according to your occasion and outfit style.

Occasion Bra Types Outfit
Everyday & Lounge wear Plus size T-shirt Bra

Plus size Wireless Bra

Body hugging dresses,

T-shirts, Tops

Traditional Occasion & Wedding Plus size Bridal Bra

Plus size Balconette Bra

Saree, salwar suits, and wide neck tops
Office Wear Plus size Soft padded Bra Formal Shirts and Dresses
Party Plus size Push up Bra

Plus size Plunge Bra

Plus size Minimizer Bra

Low cut dresses,

Plunge or V neckline


Casual Outing Plus size Bralette Bra Transparent,

Backless outfits,

Crop tops

Plus size Strapless Bra Off shoulder tops,

Tube tops & dresses

Workout Plus size Sports Bra Gym session,

Jogging, yoga and other workout activities.


Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts

9. Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts

Many of you may think that choosing a bra for heavy breasts is the toughest task. But it is not as difficult as you think. In reality, a plus size bra is the most functional one when compared to other bras. It has so many parts and each part has its own features. Still wondering which type of bra is suitable for heavy breasts? Every plus size bra is suitable for larger busts if you are aware of its features.

  • Band
Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts - Band Size

Most women don’t know the fact that bands are the main support system to your breasts. Whenever you tend to choose a bra check whether your finger fits between your bra and skin. If it doesn’t fit then it is too tight. If you see a gap between your skin and bra then it is too loose.

  • Cup
Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts - Cup Size

Bra cups come in as first priority when you are about to buy a bra. The cup is the main part of the bra as its coverage and support to your breasts. And also helps to keep your breasts in its place. There are a variety of cup coverage and layers according to one’s preferences.

  • Straps
Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts - Better Straps

The straps connect the front and back of the bra and play a vital role in supporting your breasts. There are numerous varieties in straps like strapless, transparent, traditional, single strap, halter neck, cross-back, thin & thick straps and spaghetti straps.

  • Fabric
Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts - Fabrics

Generally, there are a variety of plus size bras and hence the fabrics too. Each type has its own unique fabric types and they offer different benefits according to one’s preferences. And there are bras that are designed to be made out of two or more blends of fabrics.

  • Hook Fasteners
Why Plus Size Bra Is Suitable for Heavy Breasts - Hooks

Hooks and eyes are the fasteners used in the bras. When compared to normal bras plus size bras will have 3 or more hooks and eye fasteners in order to provide extra support. If you take a front open bra the fasteners will be located in the front. The fastener can also be hooks and eyes or clasp.


Benefits of Plus Size Bra

10. Benefits of Plus Size Bra

When you are about to purchase or wear a plus size bra get to know about its benefits and why a plus size bra is the most suitable one for you. The following are the major advantages of plus size bras.

  • Better Fit
Benefits of Plus Size Bra - Better Fit

These full-size bras improve your posture with their perfect fit and also protect you from shoulder slouch, breast tissue damage, back pain, and skin irritation.

  • Shape
Benefits of Plus Size Bra - Perfect Shape

If you find it difficult in getting the appropriate shape, here is your life savior there are so many different types of comfortable bras in big size to accommodate you with the shape that you want.

  • Support
Benefits of Plus Size Bra - Support

Plus size bra will always give you the support that you need. So you don’t need to worry about the spillage and the wardrobe malfunction.

  • Coverage
Benefits of Plus Size Bra - Provides Better Coverage

You will get an amazing cleavage because of its perfect cups which covers your bust and also enhances your cleavage and gives you a younger and sexy look.

  • Style
Benefits of Plus Size Bra - style

There may be many styles and designs but choosing the right pick helps you to compliment your outfit. In these full-size bras, you get to choose so many different styles according to your mode of occasion without sacrificing the comfortness.


Myths about Plus Size Bra

11. Myths about Plus Size Bra

  • Plus Size Bra Is Only Suitable for Obese Women

No. It is a misconception that only obese women need plus size bra. Women with sagging breasts are also suitable for plus size bras.

Plus Size Bra Is Only Suitable for Obese Women - No
  • There Are No Varieties in Plus Size Bras

Bra buffs might tell you that there are no varieties in plus size bras but that is not true. Plus size bras also come in wide varieties according to different occasions and different styles.

  • Women with Fuller Breasts Can’t Help with Spillage

Not every woman with fuller busts faces breasts spillage. Wearing a cup that is too small may also lead to spillage. So it is important to choose the cup size of the bra persistently.

  • The Strapless Bra Is Not for Fuller Bust

It is a misconception that strapless bras are not suitable for the fuller bust. But the truth is that like a normal woman, even a fuller bust can also wear strapless bras. These bras features are made in a way that gives you a snug fit and is stable around your chest.

Strapless Bra Is Not for Fuller Bust - False
  • Women With Heavy Breasts Can’t Wear Push up Bras

Push up bras are not just made to increase the volume of the smaller breasts. Women with larger breasts also need to push up bras as the larger busts tend to sag more than the smaller busts and also it makes the larger busts look younger as they give a perfect support.

Women With Heavy Breasts Can't Wear Push up Bras - Not true

Faqs about Plus Size Bra

12. Faqs about Plus Size Bra

1. Is a Plus-Size Sports Bra Suitable for Plus Size Women?

Yes. Usually, Plus size sports bras are made for high-impact sports activities which means they are also suitable for women with heavy busts. They provide greater neck coverage and support.

2. How Should I Choose a Bra for Heavy Breasts?

This is where everyone goes wrong by choosing the wrong size. Whenever you choose your bra make sure that the cup should always fit properly across the bust without any gap, overflow or digging the breast tissue.

3. Are Plus Size Underwired Bras Suitable for Large Busts?

Yes. Underwire bras are best for women with fuller busts because they can support your busts, prevent them from sagging and protect you from a wardrobe malfunction.

4. Which Is the Best Plus Size Bra for Sagging Breasts?

Look for a bra that gives you support and coverage. Always opt for bras with cups that can help to hold your bust and prevent it from sagging.

5. What Type of Bra Should I Wear for a Heavy Breast?

Women with heavy busts should always opt for bras that provide complete coverage and support without compromising the style. Like plus size t-shirt bras, plus size moulded bras, plus size lace bras, and other plus size bras.

6. Which Type of Bra Makes My Breasts Look Smaller?

Minimizer bras are the best for the fuller bust. They are specially designed for women with fuller busts to make their larger busts appear smaller.