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Apart from dedication, determination and focus, there is something else that getting fit demands. And that is being equipped, giving your body the best clothes suited for the physical activity. You cannot run without shoes, you shouldn’t. Likewise it is immensely important to wear the wear clothes and innerwear to get the best results of your hard work and sweat. The primary function of a Sports Bra is to move the moisture (sweat) from the skin through the fabric and let it into the air; which means the material does not absorb the moisture. This process is called wicking. Sports Bras are usually made of polyester, nylon, Lycra and spandex, these are materials that do not absorb moisture, they only move the moisture. The breasts are made of very loose tissues, this is why sometimes women feel pain in their breasts after a run. The breasts will bounce up and down during high intensive activities; this will tear the tissues eventually cause pain. Research suggests that there are three dimensions in breast movement in women, there are up & down, side to side and in & out.


We are not sure how many people are getting fit but we do know that the market for sportswear has always been on demand and they make highly functional products that help people better their performance and equip them with the correct impact.

Compression : A compression Bra is typically to compress the breasts and to limit movement. They do not have two separate cups to hold each breast. This bra also minimizes breast projection. These are best for low-impact activities. The bra also only restricts the in and out movement of the breasts. The compression bra can sometimes make form a uniboob, compressing two breasts to look like one. Women with larger breasts may experience chafing in a compression sports bra.

Encapsulation : The bra has two separate cups to hold each breast and restrict up & down and side to side movement. It is like a Regular Bra and is ideal for medium to high impact activities. Cooper’s ligaments are connective tissues in the breast and these are responsible for maintaining the structure  of the breasts. Very often this can be get easily ruptured during a workout. But wearing the encapsulation bra can help you prevent that.

Racer-backs : The bra forms an X shape at the back and the best part is that they don’t have hook & eye closures. The straps are turned inwards and are slightly broader than the regular bra. Not only is the racerback bra stylish, it is very helpful during your workout. The style will distribute  the weight of the breasts evenly and in turn reduce stress on the back and shoulders. The best choice for women with large breasts. They give optimum support and gives you a hassle free workout experience.


  1. Sports bras are very different from regular bras, the former is supposed to be and designed to be very tight, restricting movement. Intitially you would not feel comfortable in one, but if you are running, jogging, gyming etc., you definitely need one.
  2. It is to be worn only during physical activities, wearing it over time also may cause pain and discomfort.
  3. A good sports bra, if you are using it 2-3 times a week should last up to six months; also it is not advisable to keep them longer than that.
  4. It you sweat more than usual, it is better to machine wash it on a gentle/delicate cycle. Otherwise you can hand wash it with a liquid detergenet.
  5. Lay it flat to dry it.
  6. Never wear a sports bra twice without washing, sweat and moisture can make room for bacteria to thrive.

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