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Shape your beautiful curves with this jockey shapewear for a perfect outlook. Shyaway, online shopping for women brings you the best collections of sportswear and T-shirts bras at attractive prices! 

SHAPEWEAR – Lifts, enhances and sculpts your curves the right way

Shape wear is basically an inner garment worn to control or limit the display of bodily features. Shape wear comes in various levels of controls that differ in terms of how much it provides in terms of compression such as low compression, medium compression, strong or high compression.

Most of the women in the world wish that they were thinner or had bodies like those models and actresses that they view on screen. Here comes the role of shape wear. If you cannot sculpt your body, there are ways to make it seem as if your body is slimmer and in shape than it really is.

At Shyaway we look to meet all your needs by a full range of body shapers that give you an opportunity to look good and feel confident and that can be worn comfortably under your clothing that include top brands such as Enamor, Amante, Jockey, Hanes and Laavian.

Every woman can achieve to get the perfect hourglass figure if they equip themselves with the right shapewear that attack the fat target zone, so it’s time to stop worrying about how you look in your clothes.

For example if you want to suck or tuck in a lot of fat you need to use high level compression shape wear, whereas you can make do with a low compression if you just want to get a streamlined appearance.

So if you are looking for shapewear that is comfortable, easy-to-wear and instantly slim, flatten or enhance your breast, waist, stomach, hip, thighs, buttocks and legs and give you the figure that you have always desired, Shyaway is the one-stop-shop for all your shapewear needs.

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In today’s evolution, many women are tired of hiding their extra fat by wearing loose clothing’s. They seek for sliming products that make them slim but results in several side effects. Shape wear are the perfect solution for woman who dreams to have a slim look.  A good shape wear gives you a perfect figure and enhances your look. Shyaway brings you the best quality shape wears from Jockey, one of the best international brands around the world. Jockey shapewear fulfill the needs of every woman’s who wish to attain a perfect shape. They are designed in different ways that fits for woman’s facing different type of problems. It can be worn for specific outfits. It is designed targeting the whole body right from the shoulder to the thigh. It’s an open bust slip shape wear that provides all day comfort, designed in a manner that doesn’t compress your bust so that you may feel breathable. You can wear it with your favourite jockey bra for a glamorous look.


Are you suffering from bulged tummy and wish to have a flat shaped tummy? Then you are at the right spot! Jockey provides you with the tummy shapewear, that’s specially designed targeting the stomach area with a soft, light and stretchy fabrication. It’s a perfect foundation garment to flatten your tummy by applying a light compression towards the bulged areas. If your curves and thighs seem to be disfigured, thigh shaper will work wonders to accentuate them, and give the illusion of a small waist. As an optional, wear a seamless panty with shape wears for no panty line show off.

The shape wear is of soft and stretchy material that gives you a perfect look with stunning shape. It is crafted with polyamide and spandex fabrications for soft elastic fit. The tiny compressive molecules around the shape wear tie-up your muscles and pass them to desired spots for a perfect outcome. Some women use the shape wears to reduce their body weight. The continuous use of tummy shape wear or thigh shape wear shrinks your fat. You can also wear it while doing exercise or yoga, so that your body shrinks and sweats out your bodies extra fat. You can also buy a suitable sportswear that helps you in your daily work outs.


The Secret of every woman is based on her perfect fit. While choosing a perfect shape wear you must be careful as every slim fit differs in size. Make sure you buy the size that perfectly fits you. You can match your slim fit with right matching moulded bras for an ultimate shape. When it comes to comfort, Shyaway collections of lingerie can’t be beat! Ever offers handpicked collections of best shapewears, to make you feel the comfort and bring out the best in your figure. They are designed focusing a stay-smooth appearance under every outfit from close fitting dress to breezy tees. What better way to do it rather than to dress your dapper best!  Just make a lasting statement that can only have you and your glamour shining through.

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