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Get on with the various styles of regular panty that comforts everyday with a refresh to your wardrobe access. Accentuate your beauty with shyaway’s best-selling Bikini and Thong Panty collections that are trimmed in pretty prints and hues.

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 “Real elegance is ubiquitous. Particularly, in the things that don’t appear.” The best to create the beauty stays within our inner self. So, why wear those old undergarments that don’t speak for you. It is said that, “A good lingerie is like frosting on a cake, it adds a slight charm to what’s underneath”. So, just like the air we breathe, undergarments have become a part of our life. Women are in the era where fashion has widened its place. Being in the host of fashion, Lingerie has spread out its web seizing the beauty with comfort gained enviable in proportion. It is common that woman love suiting themselves with the best bras but forget about the bottoms that is to be given equal consideration. It is true that many of us skip the choice in having the ideal panty as it plays as the second fiddle to the brassieres. But the myth is that, the backbone of a good wardrobe is in both Bra and Panty. Right from hitting the snooze on morning alarm till the sweet end of night, a soft Regular Panty is all to put that day into freshness and cool in mood. Panty is a form-fitting undergarment structured closely to the skin covering the bottom with comfort and style in a fashionable manner. There are two kinds of panty worn by women. One is the Regular Panty and the other is the sexy styled panty.


Being busy all day, woman likely go for regular types of undie. There are few commonly preferred stylings that get comfy and passion with fashion. There are 5 types of underwear that every girl must possess in the closet. They are:

Everyday Panty: Though panty is worn by everybody, the intimacy is avoided to talk off. But breaking the obstacle and shyness, woman has come up speaking of the basis of comfort-makers. Refreshing the daily delights, a soft crafted cotton everyday panty is much to be praised. This knicker is made of fabrics like cotton, spandex and nylon giving comfort graciously. The waistbands are soft stretchy making your fit relaxing. The leg openings are well seamed and unseamed leaving no marks left on the skin. The crotch is essential and hygiene. You may find cotton sewn-in gusset giving utmost cosines and moisture absorbent making you feel fresh all day. Sizes and styles are many, so make your best pair with a cotton bra to bring the best in you.

Bikini Panty: One of the most-loved types of underwear among young women. This panty is typically slim on sides and wide on middle offering medium coverage to the suitor. This panty is normally sexy in glance with colossal shades and prints ensuring the bets to wardrobe. This mid waisted panty is trimmed in stretchy material with lace embellishment tracing the chic and charming glance in you. This dailywear panty is best for outfits like jeans, saree, skirt and kurta avoiding visible panty lines. While going in for the party mode, this knicker also expose the best to lace and mesh. Yes! Transparent bikini panties are much more to speak of, one of the sexiest piece of lingerie, bought by woman with Bikini Bras to pose the stunning beauty in them.

Hipster Panty: The name it’s speaks about the function. Approaching to the best in need. This Hipster Panty otherwise known as hippies, rides till the hip offering ideal coverage with comfort. This panty is the abridged version of boyshorts and bikini panty with differing waist levels. Hippies are mostly preferred by larger hip sizes for a flat tummy. Designed with blushing fabrics and rich lace, this undie is worn as both dailywear and partywears. This knicker is available in all colors, patterns and lace, making it premium to your outfits.

It’s not just over, shyaway also brings you styles meeting your every occasion’s right from daily basis to bridal collections, find them all at enthralling prices. We are running on offers, so don’t just stop looking, have some with our lingerie assortments!