Camisole Sleepwear

Feel the luxurious comfort with our choosy camisole collection that is trendsetting yet utterly timeless. Add a touch of preppy romance to your style with matching hipsters or boyshorts panties.

Nightwear – Your companion in bed

Nightwear is a garment designed to be worn while sleeping in the night or even in the time spend lounging before bedtime. Over the ages there has been an evolution of the same and now nightwear ranges from nighties, pajamas and to more sexy garments like the baby doll.

If you think that sleepwear should be boring then think again because Shyaway comes with a wide range of sleepwear that include shorts, babydoll’s, nightgowns, nighty, robes, capris, camisoles, shorts, spaghettis, chemises, tank tops and pyjamas (commonly known as PJ’s) that are sure to keep you stylish, comfortable and cozy in the nights.

Since they are meant to provide comfort they are usually made from loose fitted and breathable fabrics that include cotton, poly-cotton, silk, satin and lace.

The diverse range of nightwear from brands like Enamor, Shyle, Lovable, Hanes, Amante, Laavian and Jockey will upgrade your bedtime style to an altogether different level.

If you want a reason to stay in bed then dress yourself with sleeper friendly nightwear that is available online at Shyaway and feel at your prettiest, sexiest or glamorous best.

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  • Shyle White Lace Twin Strap Camisole
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    Shyle White Lace Twin Strap Camisole

  • Shyle Black Lace Twin Strap Camisole
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    Shyle Black Lace Twin Strap Camisole

  • Liberti World Skin Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole
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    Liberti World Skin Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole

  • Liberti World Black Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole
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    Liberti World Black Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole

  • Liberti World White Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole
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    Liberti World White Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole

  • Liberti World Red Regular Square Neck Camisole
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    Liberti World Red Regular Square Neck Camisole

  • Liberti World Skin Regular Square Neck Camisole
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    Liberti World Skin Regular Square Neck Camisole

  • Liberti World Skin Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole
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    Liberti World Skin Regular Adjustable Strap Camisole



Dazzle in your most beautiful dresses with this good-looking camisole sleepwears from, one of the best online shopping zone for women’s. Promoting the style with principles, shyaway provides you with some of the best collections of lingerie’s and sleepwear for women at reasonable prices! Considerating women’s inner needs and punching the same with the ongoing trends has always given birth to promising collections by the best brands for a perfect attractive fit with best quality. Your inner strength lies in your undergarments. So pose up your beauty with the best collections of camisoles. Some may bring in a question like what is a camisole. To say in short, it’s a sleeveless undergarment for women with spaghetti shoulder straps that are extended till the waist. It’s a small piece of clothing that women wear on the top of their body and underneath a shirt or kurti.


Camisoles are like tank tops. But the only difference is that tank tops can be preferred as an outfit but camisoles are undergarments. They are widely used to bring a good shape to your body. It’s styled to maintain your shape and give long lasting comfort and ensure the perfect fit for an ideal look. They are a perfect sleepwear to your wardrobe that brings style with affordability and is made comfortable to your daily wear. Tuck in with your favourite outfit for a perfect outcome. You can also get your bra and panty set to wear underneath your camisoles. This features a completely fitting style which you had been looking for. Its fashionable neckline is available in a wide array of lovely colours that make it a must-have for the woman of today. Its amazing features will make you buy the product:

COVERAGE: This is just like a full coverage bra with deep neckline which gives you an exact shaping and attractive look with no cleavage to show off, that is the main reason all women love it.

BRAND: When it comes to brand, we always provide the customers the best qualified products from a well-known brand shyle. Shyle also brings you the unmatched quality of panties online with sleepwear with lace works that are drafted with utmost creativity.

FABRICS: To say about the fabric, it’s crafted with cotton and spandex fabrics that wraps you in amazing comfort and will fill you with confidence every single day. It goes well with any outfits accordingly. You'll finally make it through a full day feeling comfortable, sweat-free, and pretty much ready to fall asleep in your stretchy and soft intimates.

PADDING: They are of both padded and unpadded formulas. Padded camisoles provide your bust with greater uplift and support. Unpadded camisoles are regular ones that give a good shape to your outfit with an adequate coverage and soft comfy. You can also wear t-shirt bra under this unpadded one for a greater support while you go for any occasion.

OCCASION: You can use them as your daily wear with your everyday bra or without it. You can also suit it while going for any party or holiday outings.

STYLE: They are of casual and lacework styles that give you options to choose. When you are going to school, college or office, you may need camisoles of casual styled ones to give you a proper shape and comfy. Some may prefer lace worked ones while going for an outing with their friends. They can also use Bralettes for a perfect outfit. You will look totally decorative and sensuous in lace worked ones.

STRAPS: Camisoles with adjustable straps are a great source for women who find uneasiness with loose straps. Adjustable straps and elastic base keeps the fit in perfect form. This will help them to adjust according to their choice. We also provide you with regular strapped ones for perfect shaped persons.

SIZES: You may get confused with your sizes while choosing your favourite camisole through online shopping. We help you with different sizes right from X to XL.

COLOURS: You can get your favourite camisoles in vibrant colours in touch with your desires. You can find colours like black, blue, green, grey, navy blue, peach, pink and white in match with your outfits. Shyaway provides you with matchy panties for some of the camisole collections.

WASH: Maintaining your undergarments is subsequently crucial. You wash it in washing machine or hand wash, using cold water gives you long lasting apparel.

OTHER TYPES: We also have sleepwears like babydolls that is mainly used for honeymoon nights. You can also find lounge wears, Capri sets and shorts while shopping sleepwear online.


Shyaway brings you online bras in match to your camisoles decorated with perfect perennial prints in graphic and digital designs. All trimmed with redefined detailing that focuses on femininity through intricate embellishments. We are certain that our collections will even suit the needs of the choosiest women and is sure to give a touch of preppy romance to your style.

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