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Undergarments lay the foundation for our outerwear and also play a considerable part in our posture. Not all of us are as cool as Rachel from Friends to go braless and rock it. Many of us actually feel intimidated not wearing a good Bra. Nothing gives you the boost of confidence a well-fitting bra does, it is more than just something that covers your intimates. We have evolved into an era in fashion where the undergarments can come off as stylish outwear, like the Bralette or a Sports Bra. Celebrities and bloggers are making a statement by donning their bras with a blazer or a buttoned shirt. Some of these incredible bra features with impeccable functionalities will encourage you and equip you to step up your style game.

The differentiation between a Padded Bra and a lightly padded bra may only sound like a fad but the difference lies in the thickness of the padding. In a lightly padded bra, the thickness is 1mm but in other padded bras it is 3mm or 4mm. Since the padding is extremely light and thin, it can be worn everyday and you would not feel any discomfort. It is very similar to wearing your casual bra.

Making the padded bra matter in your daily life!

To choose any bra needs accurate measurements. Size is key to getting the perfect fit in anything, more so in complex constructions such as in a bra. The most basic function of bras are to give your breasts support and keep them in position and pointing at the right direction. In a padded bra gives you additional support and shape to your breasts.

Wearing a padded bra will boost your confidence, gives you a feeling of security and allows you to wear anything modern. It conceals your nipples and smoothens the look. The anxiety and discomfort when you catch someone staring at you is unreal and you can avoid that in these.

Will it change your breast size?

A lightly Padded Bra should not and would not increase your breast size. Maybe just a millimeter or two but not more than that. The padding is only for a smooth look and nipple coverage. The extra layer of padding will not make any significant difference. In conclusion even bigger cup sizes can wear the padded bra without fear.


The pads are made of foam. Foams often lose their shape after a period of time and if they are not taken care of properly the padding will lose its original shape completely which makes the bra unwearable. Follow these wash care and storage instructions to extend the shelf life of your padded bras.

1. Do not machine wash them.

2. Do not wring them.

3. Do not inverse them cups or fold them.

4. Keep the hook and eye enclasped and lay them flat one after the other. Store them in a separate place, making sure nothing else ruptures the padded cups.

Shyle’s range of bras are crafted for optimum style and at the same time fulfilling a particular function. Get padded bras or T-shirt bras for a smooth and even look, these are the most ideal undergarments for T-shirts and thin+tight topwear.

At Shyaway, we have lightly padded bras in demi-coverage and Full Coverage, further more they come in crackerjacker hues that will bring everything to life, covertible straps that are convenient for the women of today and intriguing prints on them.