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Lingerie set - Glamorise your intimate wardrobe with best lingerie sets. Get women bra and panty set online at offer price. Lingerie set with various styles, brand, colours etc.

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  1. Susie White Corded Lace Bridal Lingerie Set
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  2. Shyle Peach Lace Attached Lingerie Set
    buy 2 for 1999
  3. Susie Black Unlined Lace with Mesh Bridal Lingerie Set
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  4. Shyle Blue Lace Attached Lingerie Set
    buy 2 for 1999
  5. Susie White Transparent Lace Bridal Lingerie Set
    buy 2 for 1099
  6. Shyle Red Embossed Cream Lace Padded Lingerie Set
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  7. Susie White Lace Bralette Lingerie Set With Triangle Cups
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  8. Shyle Navy Blue Floral Lace Padded Lingerie Set
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  9. Shyle White Floral Lace Padded Lingerie Set
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Buy Lingerie set online - Are you confused with how to choose your bra & panties set?

Shopping bra and panty sets online are the latest trend now because you will look confident when worn the same print. Update your wardrobe with the same color bra and panty.

Why should one buy lingerie sets online

Buying lingerie sets from the Indian website is interesting because various websites allow you to browse through a variety of lingerie types online. You may choose your size and fit-test, helping you to buy the exact style and size. The designs and fabrics of bra and panty will be visible online and view each product from their sides. The replacement policy will help you to exchange the product if there is an issue. To buy lingerie sets online, you may visit our website Browse through different colors, sizes, and patterns and purchase within minutes.

Buy matching bra and panty to look attractive

When starting a day, it is really good if you wear a matching bra and panty set. You usually wear an outfit with matching leggings or trousers then why not lingerie. Many youngsters prefer wearing lingerie sets to boost up their confidence from the inside out. Lace panty can be worn with a lace bra to make you look sexy. Our website has a variety of collection of lingerie sets in different fabric like cotton, satin, spandex, and lace available making you easier to have a purchase.

Let’s have a look at lingerie sets you can buy online

  1. Printed lingerie set – There is an everyday bra available to purchase which can be worn with the same print panty. The everyday lingerie will remain cotton fabric and best to be worn during summer. There are varieties of prints available in cotton material perfect to be worn under any outfit. You may also wear floral printed lingerie sets under a nude or white t-shirt.
  2. Lace lingerie set – lace bra and panty look luxurious and they remain a little pricey. Lace lingerie sets can be worn on special occasions like honeymoon and marriage night. Colors like hot red, black and maroon will make you look hot and sexy. They are available in a push-up or molded style making your partner get attracted to you.
  3. Bridal lingerie sets – The bridal lingerie sets include an underwire bra and a padded bra. They are specifically designed to hold your bridal outfit in position. In the bridal lingerie set, the panty remains lace decorated and the color available includes nude as well as catchy. There is a variety of sexy bra and panty setsavailable for Indian brides to be worn at the site to be worn with ethnic as well as gowns.
  4. Padded lingerie set – The padded bra is for those who are having small boobs. The panty with the set remains lace thong or bikini type. They are perfect to be worn under any stylish outfit to an office or party. The bra and panty would be available in lace design and pattern.
  5. Bralette – In lingerie sets there are bralettes available made of lace material that can be worn on special nights. You may wear the bra and panty with a maxi dress or floor-length dress to bed. The design and color can make your partner sexually aroused.

Wear lingerie set to the beach

Most Indian women prefer wearing bikini lingerie set to the beaches. The same color bra and pantiessets will make anyone look so attractive. The two-piece lingerie is perfect to be worn to a pool party and enjoy the day with your partner and friends. The bikini top can be a sexy bra to be paired with a thong. If you are not getting the same print, go with the same color lingerie set to be worn to the beach this summer. Lingerie sets are perfect to make yourself look attractive, so have few pieces in your closet.

Lingerie Set FAQs-

1.What are the types of Lingerie Set?

There are two types of lingerie sets based on the occasion.
• Bridal lingerie set
• Everyday lingerie set
The bridal or honeymoon lingerie set is made up of luxury fabrics like lace, mesh, satin, etc hence some of them are sexy lingerie sets as they are transparent.
Everyday lingerie set is made with cotton fabric and suitable for everyday use.

2.What are the different kinds of lingerie available?

• bras- everyday bras, push up bras, underwired bras, sports bras, nursing bras, t-shirt bras, nursing bras bridal bras, beginners bras, moulded bras, cami bras, bralette bras, multiway bras, strapless bras, stick-on bras, sports bras, front open bras
• panties- bikini panty, boyshorts panty, hipster panty, thong, g string, bridal panty, lace panty, cotton panty.
• lingerie set
• babydoll
• camisole
• chemise
• loungewear
• sleepwear
• shapewear

3.What did your first time wearing lingerie feel like?

Wearing lingerie for the first time was exciting for many reasons.
1. The scent of the new fabric and
2. The touch the soft delicate material on the hands and
3.the thought of the fine piece of new underwear that is exclusively mine,
altogether made me feel awesome. Wearing lingerie for the first time was an ultimate pleasure as it gave a secure feeling, boosted my confidence, and enhanced my girl pride.

4.What type of lingerie do Women like?

Women like lingerie type that is supportive and make them feel comfortable in their own body. Period! Be it a regular everyday bra or sensual babydoll if it makes them feel secure and comfy they will like the lingerie regardless of type. The next preference goes to style and appearance. Women like to explore and try a new and trendy type of lingerie that is fresh in the online stores in India.