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A longline bra for women is one of the most charming lingerie types in the market. Providing a flattering, enhanced look, longline bras are one of the favourite bras types for women. In addition to appearance, longline bras also provide great support for the busts. Explore the wide range of longline bras for ladies and girls with Shyaway and shop long line bra online in India that suits you.

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A bra is an inner garment that covers and supports a woman’s breasts. Bras provide comfort and contribute to achieving a perfect look, they also support the busts and boost confidence as well in a woman. A woman wearing the right bra can do wonders; which makes it important to choose the right kind of lingerie for every occasion. From daily wear to special occasions, bra types can differ with the purpose we wear them for. There are certain bras with different fabrics, designs, and uses that are crafted for specific occasions.

Buying women's lingerie in retail shops causes a lot of discomfort and women often end up getting the wrong types of bra. Women can find the right type of bra online in India at Shyaway. Shopping bra online is one of the best ways to choose the right type of bra, matching your likes and preferences. From style to comfort—along with offers and combos—online bra shopping comes with many perks for women. Online stores for women's lingerie have many different varieties like a bralette, longline and so much more. Shyaway is the one-stop shop to buy bras online, with unbelievable offers at the lowest price.

Longline Bra for Ladies and Girls

Longline bras are one of the few lingerie designs that were derived from a vintage clothing piece. These bras were made taking inspiration from the classic bustiers and corsets. So longline bras are easily confused with these lingerie types. This vintage lingerie piece supports the bust, giving a gentle lift for an enhanced appearance. The bra also makes the waist appear smooth. A longline bra’s fabric goes below the cup and band, covering the area above the belly button - providing a more slim or smooth look.

Longline bra for women also vary in material, lengths, straps, and structure - giving the person a wide variety to choose from. With these different options, one can always have alternatives to choose which bra would suit best for them. Buy longline bra online at Shyaway for the finest variety of longline bra for ladies and girls.

Benefits of Longline Bra for Ladies and Girls

Longline bras are crafted in a way to provide a flattering look for the person wearing them. The long band present provides additional support, giving a sense of comfort and also improves one's posture - enhancing their appearance. Shyaway gives you a great collection of longline bra for women.

Who can Wear a Longline Bra?

It comes as a surprise when one finds that longline bras can be worn by women with small busts and fuller busts too!

For women with small busts - Women with small busts who look for an enhanced appearance, that is, want to make their busts look fuller, can opt for longline bras with padding. The padding, along with the design of the bra to make the bust look enhanced will do the trick for women with small busts.

For women with fuller-bust - Longline bras are crafted with more fabric that extends below the band, providing better support for women with fuller busts. These bras also have wide back closures, supporting breast weight. Also, longline bras with thicker straps will sit more comfortably on our shoulders.

Shop long line bra online in India at Shyaway’s marvelous longline bra collection for women. Breathtaking designs and stunning features only at Shyaway!

What to Look Out For Buying Longline Bra for Ladies and Girls?
Longline bra for ladies and girls come in different types, giving the person to choose according to their preference. The wide range of products present is based on several criteria.

Cup Style:

Longline bra for ladies and girls come in two cup styles - Darted, and Seamed.
A darted longline bra has a darted seam starting from the bottom of the cup and reaching up to the center, providing support and comfort.
A seamed longline bra has seams present both horizontally and vertically in the cup giving complete support for the busts.
Buy longline bra at best prices only at Shyaway, with great features and stunning offers.

Cup Shape:

Longline bra for women is available with both full and plunge cup varieties. Longline bras with full cups provide full coverage and support for the breasts. Whereas a plunge cup has a low cut at the center, providing a low neckline. Longline bras with plunge cups give a more appealing appearance and also provide support.


Longline bra for ladies and girls come with padding by default. Padding gives the busts an enhanced, appealing look. There are longline bras with removable padding so you have a choice to remove the padding if you want to. Buy longline bra online with these numerous options and exciting offers, at Shayway.

Straps and Wiring:

Longline bra for ladies and girls are wire-free, sparing your busts from certain discomfort. Also, the straps are non-adjustable and non-detachable since the shoulder straps are made of lace fabric. Although, there won’t be any necessity to adjust the straps as these bras are crafted to support and fit the body perfectly. Shop long line bra online in India that fits you the best, at Shyaway.

Where Can You Wear a Longline Bra?

Different from your everyday or t-shirt bra, longline bra for ladies and girls can be worn on several special occasions like weddings, to flaunt your curves underneath the gorgeous gowns. Longline bras can also be worn for party wear. Buy longline bra at best prices, along with the best quality and features, only at Shyaway.

Shop Long Line Bra Online in India

Longline bra for ladies and girls is a must-have lingerie in your wardrobe. These bras provide great comfort and support, with an enhanced appearance. Longline bras also provide a flattering, smooth look. The long band of the bra provides additional support, providing comfort and also improves one's posture - boosting the appearance. Shyaway has a great collection of longline bra for women, with stunning products under exciting offers.


Longline Bra for Ladies and Girls FAQs