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Indulge in the world of fresh fashion in a Vanity Fair bra. Amazing deals on plus size bras and the fine craftsmanship on lace bridal bras make this brand a must-have in your lingerie closet.


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Choosing a perfect bra gives you the self- confidence and boosts yourself to be perfect. There are tremendous stunning collections of vanity fair bras at, make you worth the style. Like Innersense Bra, Enamor Bra, Jockey Bra and Shyle brands, Vanity Fair is also one of the leading brands sure to enhance your fashion appeal. The collection combines pleasant comfort with fashionable cuts and colors to ensure the wearer to feel special and comfy. The products of this brand are made with the finest yarns, highest quality standards, and in sophisticated designs. The Vanity Fair bra brings you the latest designs, styles and colors, expressive cool product that helps any women to be unique. They are known for their exceptional quality and fit. In other words, the brand utilizes superior workmanship, special attention in detail, the latest technology and the finest fabrics.


Every woman knows what to shop and where to shop. But deciding the perfect bra and color to compliment a woman's body and skin tone is unknown. Knowing the right color that suits you the best is important as it enhances your feminine beautiful features. Choosing a color that compliments your skin color, hair and eye color is a little more of an art and if you are going to go behind basic black or white, you can go for Vanity Fair bras in shyaway.

T-Shirt bra works more for women with the perfect fit. Women with different body types should find a comfortable bra for them. T-Shirt bra provides the comfort with any kind of body types. Bras are designed with full coverage and demi coverage that shapes and supports the bust. Mainly it provides a great, smooth shape under T-Shirts. Every day bra keeps you comfort the whole day. The light fabric gives the impression of lightness and optimistic energy. The bras are exceptionally stylish, distinguished and delicate. There are unique collections for women who need perfection and elegance. You can find all types of bra that could be worn daily, at parties or any occasion. The Underwire bra redefines comfort and smartly manages your contour with firm support. While you can wear it with your wide and deep neckline outfits, the graduated padding seamlessly adds a cup size and gives a perfectly natural lift with wired support.


Shyaway gives you the range of colors and prints and has a style variety that includes Demi cups, Full coverage and Plus size bras. Available in a price range of Rs.299 onward, the entire collections are not only the best quality but have been selling the fastest online brand too. Made in cotton, lace, polyamide or spandex, the bra feels soft against the skin and fit perfectly under your fitted clothes. Find the variety of collections that works perfectly for you. Get all the support you need whether it's a bra for honey moon or a bra for workout, your choice will end up with Shyaway. Casual bra and transparent bra adds a beauty to your outfit and gives a perfectly natural lift with great support. Lacework bra is more about fashion and trend, your style plays the major role in which you can feel the luxury and comfort. Choose the bras that are designed to fit for each and every woman, satisfying the needs of their varied lifestyles, wardrobes and personalities.