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  1. Susie Buff Skin Mid waist Full Coverage Boyshorts Panty
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  2. Susie StormFront Grey Mid waist Full Coverage Boyshorts Panty
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  3. Susie Black Beauty Mid waist Full Coverage Boyshorts Panty
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  4. Susie Rustic Brown Mid waist Full Coverage Boyshorts Panty
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  5. Susie Green Midwaist Boy Shorts
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  6. Liberti World Blue Mid Waist Boyshorts
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  7. Susie Orange Midwaist Boy Shorts
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  8. Susie Blue Midwaist Boy shorts
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  9. Shyle Light Blue Button Fly Print Boyshorts Panty
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  10. Van Heusen Skin Breathable Cotton Lounge Shorts

What are Boy Shorts?

Boy shorts panties are undergarments for women that sit below the waist and stretch to the tops of the legs, similar to men's boxer shorts. Boy shorts provide complete rear coverage and no visible panty lines. The boy short panties are highly comfortable and breathable to sleep and lounge around without any chaffing. Hipsters and boyshorts panties are similar, but the only difference is that boy shorts panty look boyish, and hipsters have pretty laces. And boy shorts underwear has thicker seams compared to hipsters. Boy short panties can be worn under skirts or trousers. Boy shorts panty are soft, stretchy, breathable, and stylish, convenient to wear on the beach without any issues. Browse boy shorts for ladies, and boy shorts panties online to know more about boyshorts.

The fashion trends in lingerie also keeps changing

Many women are conscious of the latest fashion trends but are skeptical when it comes to undergarment preference. So change in fashion is common and women lingerie is incomplete without women’s boyshorts underwear. Some women find these boyshort panties sexy and comfy.Boyshorts are best for all women whose first choice is comfort. Unlike other panty styles, boy shorts cover hips, butt, and upper thighs. You can also wear boyshorts as loungewear. Fashion should be something that pleases all kinds of customers and out of this need came about the boyshorts. 

To make it more sexy-looking came about the lace boyshorts and the women out there love it. On, you can find all kinds of women’s boyshorts panties and there is evidence that women love it.

Boyshorts panties – A huge hit in the market 

You might wonder why a woman would wear boy short panties. What is so great about them? But opposite to normal thinking, many women love boy shorts because they are non-complicated and simple lingerie to which anybody can relate to it. It’s plain, nothing fussy about it or nothing complicated. Everything is quite simple and straight-forward and that’s the reason it’s become a favorite among many women. Every fashion guru brings out a product with some ideas in mind and this product is a huge hit among women. Just buy these boy shorts panties with your lingerie set on and see how it suits you and you can also save money!

styles of Boy shorts Panties for Women

Casual Boy Shorts are ideal for everyday wear because they are trendy and comfortable to wear as sleepwear or loungewear. These women's boy shorts come in different prints and patterns to suit your mood.

Printed Boy Shorts are brightly colored with pretty patterns that refresh your day. Boy shorts are available in different prints, such as stripes, florals, paisley, and geometric shapes.

Types of Boy Shorts Panties for Women Based on Coverage:
Full Coverage Boy Shorts provide additional coverage to keep extra protected without any chafe. Boy shorts underwear can be worn as underwear and even as outfits, comfortable for walking, running, cycling, and jogging.

Medium Coverage Boy Shorts are ideal for those who want to feel sexy and comfortable. Medium coverage boy shorts enhance your butt instantly. Women boy shorts can be worn under skirts and trousers.

Types of Boy Shorts for Women Based on Fabric

Cotton Spandex is eco-friendly, consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is soft, stretchy, breathable, and durable. Cotton drains moisture, protects women from infections, prevents odor, allergies, itching, and other discomforts.

Types of Boy Shorts for Ladies Based on Waist Level

Medium waist boy shorts for ladies are designed to hide pot bellies of women and allow them to embrace their curves to perfection.

How to Buy the Best Boy Shorts Panties Online?

Shyaway has a wide range of collections with various styles such as casual and printed. To buy boy shorts online, go to the Shyaway website and select the right product that perfectly fits you. Shyaway also has bra and panty size calculators to save your time. For better shape and comfort, boy shorts serve perfectly under tight pants and trousers. Check our latest boy shorts online collections and pick a perfect size of boyshorts to enjoy its style and comfort only at Shyaway.