Spandex Bridal Bra

Stay in silhouette and charm wearing spandex mixed Bridal Bra for wedding gowns and be the centre of attraction. Shyaway also helps you complete your bridal look with a sexy laced bridal panty worn beneath spandex or nylon Hosiery for the pastel perfection.



For every woman, betrothal day is rather diverse than common days. In this day, she blush her prettiness, wearing the best attires ever existing being the centre of attraction. For the perfect charm, lingerie comes giving the ideal stance of silhouette. Bridal Bra and Panty create the ever dazzling look with greater support. Bridal bras are usually of lace workings giving the striking glance. When you go for ordinary shops, you might be only provided with white or black wedding bras that have small lace but too expensive to buy. But when you come across, the online shopping zones in India, you will be surprised to see the dramatic products and their cheap rate that makes you enthusiastic to purchase.


Selecting the apt bra during wedding days is really a hard choice. Many used to do mistakes while shopping lace and spandex mixed bridal bras online or offline. It is ideal to know that, woman likely go with her wedding dress shopped before finding her perfect fitting lingerie to shape. While getting your foundation garment, one must know certain rules of purchasing, they are:

1. All wish to be perfect in fit and shape, so don’t mess your special day with some tight fitting stuffs. Going with a Bra Size Calculator is always been a wise choice, because, woman comes across many festivals and celebrations before her marriage, that get some add ons to pounce. So, while shopping a week before marriage, don’t forget to keep an eye on this size calculator.

2. Think about the style of brassiere you need to line your wedding gown or saree. If you feel your gown lacks cups and seem simple, hang on with the stylish yet Sexy Push Up Bra with lace filling that capture the views of thousand on you. This enchanting bra has padding that pushes your bust inward and enhances it. The lined cups are also underwired providing silhouette and beaut to attire. (While going across the bra stylings, it is crucial to mention about the fabric that stabilizes the shape rather than the comfort causing cotton agent. Yes! Spandex or Lycra plays an important role linked to all lingerie assortments in offering the best-admired curvy physique to the bride.)

3. It not all wear a gown with frills and sleeves, stylish ladies love suiting with a pretty strapless or off shoulder gown giving attractiveness gloriously. Seems, you need a different type of bra. How about a lace embellished strapless bra with moulded padding cups? This type of bra has no access to straps, but the wide band supports the bosom even while running. The back closuring is 3 or more in number offering ultimate support with comfort.

4. Do you think that only bust needs shape? I don’t think so. According to me, the whole body needs curve with comfort elegantly. A spandex fabricated Body Shapewear will be great for your bridal dress. This versatile lingerie is ideal in tucking in the extra pounce with shape blessed. Some type of shapewear comes with lined in cups giving you extra brownie points of going braless. Excited right! Colors and sizes are more when it comes to shyaway lingerie site.

5. Your spandex bridal bra need a pair, make it live with a sexy lace panty, for the luxurious update of beaut.



While exploring more for your wedding days, hang on with hosiery stylings for the perfect bridal foundation. We also make your special secret desires possible with a sexy babydoll nightwear for your special nights. Enjoy the deals with us and make yourself happier.