Casual Camisole Sleepwear

Sleek n’ smooth Casual Camisole extends beyond basics perfecting your summer dress and winter formals offering the snug fit. From work to workout, shyaway’s Cotton Bra and Hipster Panty suits well beneath this sofy Nightwear Collection. 

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 “Camisole-A little workhorse bought on a whim of fashion” Every wardrobe wishes to have an alluring fashionable loose-fitting top that shapes their slight bulges with smooth touch. Right a way to schooling, girls start wearing a Camisole as their foundation garment to shape their style and charm without violating the rules of dressing. After the puberty teenagers hardly wear a Beginners Bra, instead go for a soft cupped casual camisole for the perfect stance. This trendy top stands alone on top of the ring in offering womanhood comfort during summer day and sleep-time. You might be astonished on hearing the word sleep-time, Yah! This pretty companion is one best the nightwear woman wearing shorts sets prefer.

Being an essential garment in staple, right from loungewear to office attire, woman structure their beauty with a soft Cotton Camisole above their Workwear Bra sets for the ideal comfy. This flattering piece touches many souls with style and charm. Extended till the waistline, this top gives moisture absorbent fabric texture the costume offering breathe and smooth feel. Crop match it with a lace over top for utter gorgeousness as the spaghetti straps look striking in view. This soft top can be worn with a cami bra or without a bra underneath. This popularized choice of women has concealed in offering perfect cleavage protection access. You can spice it up as an outfit of occasions or use them as infit with sheer top and jeans. There are even some brands in shyaway that are especially designed for fitness and sports.


I have seen many of my friends getting confused with the look of a camisole and tank top. The supportive fabric in both garment are well seamed with cotton, nylon and spandex touch. Tank tops are usually worn as attires during the summer season for refreshing delight. Woman with large bust love wearing soft padded bra inside the fit. Curing their needs, shyle brand comes with lined padding cups offering support and enhancement to breast. The neckline of this top is neatly trimmed with lace and shaped in V or U giving marvelous beaut. This sleeveless top is worn as Sportswear, partywears and holiday wear. The name ‘good for summer’ suits well for both tank tops and camisoles.

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