Cotton Panties for Women

Cotton panties for women: Cotton panties are a comfortable choice for women's underwear. They are known for their breathability, softness, and natural feel against the skin. With various styles and designs available, they can cater to different preferences while providing a breathable and soft underwear option. At Shyaway, we offer a unique range of cotton panties in different colors, styles, and new designs, and we are a size-inclusive brand

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  1. Susie Black Beauty Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  2. Susie Fiery Red High Waist Mid Thigh Length Shorties
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  3. Susie Grey Crinkle Soft Contrast Lace Low Waist Hipster Panty
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  4. Susie StormFront Grey Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  5. Susie Lavender Ribbed Medium Waist Hipster Panty
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  6. Susie Purple Daisy Print Full Coverage Hipster Panty
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  7. Susie Black Beauty Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  8. Susie Rustic Brown Full Coverage Cotton Period Panty
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  9. Susie Candy Pink Ribbed Full Coverage Hipster Panty
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  10. Susie Toast Skin Barley Print Full Coverage Hipster Panty
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  11. Shyle Blue with Contrast Waistband Text Print Hipster Panty
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  12. Susie Love Potion Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  13. Susie Brown Orange White Lace Low Waist Hipster Panty
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  14. Susie Sodalite Blue Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  15. Susie Tickled Pink Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  16. Susie Racing Red Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  17. Susie Black Bean Floral Burst Medium Waist Hipster Panty
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  18. Susie Baby Pink Fashion Text Print Full Coverage Hispter Panty
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  19. Susie Almond Buff Low Coverage Solid Thong Panty
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  20. Susie Pastel Green Tiny Polka Medium Waist Hipster Panty
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Buy Cotton Panties for Women

Shyaway cotton panties are a must-have lingerie collection in your wardrobe. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric that allows air to circulate around your skin. Cotton fabric is a medium-weight material made up of 100 percent cotton fibers, making it one of the softest fabrics for making panties. You can buy different types of cotton panties here at Shyaway.

Why Cotton Panties?

Nothing can beat the comfort and health benefits that cotton panties offer. A recent study suggests that wearing cotton panties can significantly decrease infections in intimate areas. They are naturally super soft, breathable, and comfortable, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear.

When to Wear Cotton Panties?

You can wear Shyaway cotton panties all day and night, as cotton is all-natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Cotton panties keep your intimate parts safe from viral infections. This fabric is suitable for any season, travel, and is especially beneficial for pregnant women.

How to Pair Cotton Panties?

When choosing panties to match your outfit, consider the color and style of clothing you will wear. If you’re wearing a sheer or light-colored outfit, opt for nude-colored panties to prevent them from showing through. Always have neutral colors like black and white panties in your wardrobe, as they can be worn in many combinations. In addition to color and style, consider the occasion and level of comfort you desire.

Different Styles in Cotton Panties

Cotton panties are not just for everyday wear; you can also wear them for various fancy purposes as they are available in different styles and varieties. Find your new favorites with our range of soft cotton panties. These panties blend style and unparalleled comfort, making you feel good and adding to your inner confidence.

At Shyaway, you can shop for many different styles of women's cotton panties, including casual, maternity, No VPL, plus size, printed, and seamless. All these styles feature vibrant hues and unique prints. Regardless of your shape and size, you can find the best cotton panties here.

Types of Cotton Panties

Here are some popular types of cotton panties available for purchase on Shyaway online:


The hipster is the most common and comfortable cotton panty style available. It provides high rear coverage and is great for everyday wear.


Bikini panties are another prevalent style that helps eliminate worries about visible panty lines. They offer comfort throughout the day. Explore Shyaway’s classic range of bikini panties, which prioritize comfort and sensuality.


Thongs are incredibly fashionable panties that offer minimal coverage at the back. They are perfect for body-hugging outfits as they prevent visible panty lines. 


Boyshorts are the female version of boy’s boxers. They provide full coverage at the back and are highly functional for those seeking relief from thigh rashes.

Periods Panties 

One of the greatest advantages of period panties is their exceptional leak-proof protection. With absorbent layers and a waterproof lining, they trap and lock in menstrual fluid, preventing leaks and stains.

Tummy Tucker

Tummy tucker panties are trendy and help hide excess skin and fat from the abdomen, offering a perfect and elegant shape. They can be paired with party costumes for a wow look.

Additionally, you can choose cotton panties for women based on coverage, such as low, medium, and full coverage. We also offer high-waist, medium-waist, and low-waist cotton panties.

Why Shyaway is best for Cotton Panties? 

Shyaway cotton panties guarantee both comfort and health benefits. Our cotton panties offer excellent moisture absorption, ensuring a fresh and dry feeling all day long. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of skin irritation or allergies. When it comes to choosing the best underwear, our cotton panties stand out as the ideal choice, combining style, ultimate comfort, and health benefits in one package.

In addition, we provide easy shipping at very affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? No matter the occasion, there is a cotton panty here to suit your needs. Shop now!

What are the colors available?

Grey Cotton Panty |  Skin Cotton Panty