High Impact Sports Bra

High Support Sports Bra - Are you looking for a perfectly designed high impact sports bra for your intense workout session? These wonderful Shyaway sports bras will be perfect for running, hiking, mountain biking, and many more activities. Extra high impact sports bras are a necessity to all the women out there and especially it is the best sports bra for large breasts. Buy the best sports bra for running and other intense workouts and enjoy your workout time.
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  1. Shyle Violet  Melange Pull Over Racer Back Sports Bra
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Shyaway High Impact Sports Bra

A high impact sports bra will provide you the flexibility you need while working out. It provides adequate support to your busts and will keep you comfortable throughout your working session. Quality, comfort, fashion, innovation, and value – everything will be imprinted in these high-intensity sports bras.

Our range of products is crafted perfectly to keep you comfortable while you workout. These high impact sports bras are specially for activities that involve moving around, like playing tennis, kickboxing, and running. If you are a woman of bigger bust size, you can try out these high impact sports bras for an effective result. These sports bras don’t compromise on style and comfort! 

Best Sports Bra for Larger Breasts  

Wearing a right-sized fitness bra while working out is very important especially if you are a woman with a larger bust size. If your breast tissue is unsupported throughout the day, the tissue will stretch and will cause sagging. It will make your workout uncomfortable, but our Shyaway best sports bra for heavy bust will be just right for you.   

A high support sports bra is built with the best fabrics to keep your busts comfortable and to provide ideal support during workouts. These bras essentially offer full coverage and come with adjustable straps to keep you stay focused during your intense workout.

Buy the Women’s Best High Impact Sports Bra at Shyaway   

Search for high impact sports bras on Shyaway for a variety of collections from all the best brands. We have gathered sports bras of all kinds just for you to feel fabulous and supportive. Be it low impact or high impact workout, Shyaway bras will provide comfort with extreme fashion style.   


1. Do I need a high support sports bra?

For low impact activities like yoga, walking, and weight lifting, a low support sports bra is enough. Medium support sports bras are needed for activities like hiking, cross-training, and more. But you definitely need a high support sports bra for high motion activities like running, mountain biking, cycling, and all other high impact activities.

2. When should you wear a high impact sports bra?

If you are about to do high impact activities that involve a lot of bouncing and breast movement, then you should definitely wear a high impact sports bra. These bras will support you in activities like running, kickboxing, horse riding, and biking.

3. What is the best high impact sports bra for large breasts?

The best high impact sports bras for larger breasts are mesh Racerback sports bra and nylon sports bra. These bras can hold and support the weight like any other bra. They are also comfortable to wear and feel light on your body.