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Panty/panties - Panty is a women's underwear that is indeed an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Apart from bra, women's panties also helps in providing a better share to your outfits. Browse through our women’s underwear online collections and grab various types of panties at best prices.

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  1. Taabu Black Beauty Polka Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  2. Taabu Black Beauty Heart Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  3. Taabu Fiery Red Floral Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  4. Taabu Salmon Peach Animal Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  5. Susie Candy Pink Jacquard Cotton Bikini Panty
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  6. Taabu Monument Grey Floral Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  7. Susie Buff Skin Jacquard Cotton Bikini Panty
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  8. Shyle Aqua Green Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  9. Taabu Pale Pink Geometric Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  10. Taabu Ocean Blue Floral Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  11. Shyle Light Blue Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  12. Taabu Surf Blue Floral Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  13. Shyle Royal Blue Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  14. Shyle Navy Blue Pink Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  15. Shyle Pink Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  16. Shyle Black Pink Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  17.  Shyle White Scallop Lace Embellished Plus Size Hipster Panty
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  18. Taabu Pastel Lilac Line Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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  19. Shyle Grey Tropical Print Boyshorts Panty
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  20. Taabu Coral Blush Geometric Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
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Shop Ladies Panties Online at the Lowest Price

Women panties, also known as ladies nikar, undies, and knickers, are essential wardrobe staples. Panty also the main part in the women's lingerie sets. Panties can be form-fitting or loose, depending upon your requirements. Female underwear has changed and evolved over the years. From restrictive torture devices to barely-there little things, ladies panties have come a long way! Panties have the power to make or break your look, so invest in the best women's panties. Shyaway has a wide range of online exotic women's panties that provide you comfort, support, and style.

We have women’s underpants for all occasions and moods, from everyday essentials to workout wear. Apart from fashion, panties are also helpful in soaking vaginal discharge, sweat and menstrual blood, to an extent. We care for you, so all our lingerie is crafted from the most delicate feather-like fabrics that act as a second skin. Many are still sceptical about online panty shopping. Worry not! Our panties are available in all sizes, starting from XS to XXL, and we have a huge variety for prints and fabrics. Check out our women panty online collections (महिलाओं की पैंटी ) and grab the best women’s underwear at affordable prices.

There are a plethora of ladies panties brands available in the market. But they are made of cheap materials and dyes. All our women’s undergarments are made from top quality fabrics and undergo proper testing. Our fun prints suit every mood and well-thought-out aesthetic with a wide variety of panty styles are every woman's wardrobe's staple must-have. If you’re searching for (पैंटी) panty for ladies, you’re at the right place. Here are a few things to remember for women’s innerwear online shopping.

Comfortable and Sexy Women Panty Styles

There are various panty styles. However, during online panty shopping, many women get one specific panty style and decide to wear it under all their outfits. That is an absolute no-no, as it can lead to wardrobe malfunctions. One panty type will not suit all your outfits! Remember, ladies panties (जाँघिया) might be a tiny piece of clothing, but it plays a significant role in creating your desired outfit look. Visible panty lines (VPL) are one of the biggest fashion faux pas, and they can ruin your entire outfit look. Here we listed the women’s panty styles that will compliment your outfit and booty type. Shyaway is the only panties online store that provides the best quality panties at lower prices with offers and discounts. Buy panty online by keeping the following in mind.

Explore a Wide Variety of Ladies Panties Online: Types of Panties

Here are some of the best types of underwear for women that you should look into before investing.

1. Hipsters: Hipsters are one of the popular and best undergarments for ladies. This lady panty style is a perfect blend of boyshorts and bikinis. It sits below the hip and provides maximum coverage and utmost comfort. Hipsters give you a sleek look and are best for a heart shape or triangle shaped butt.

2. Bikini: Bikini panties for women is similar to thongs but offers more coverage. Bikini provides medium coverage and lies three inches below the waist, has a higher cut on the legs. Bikini is the best panty style for workouts and physical activity.

3. Thong: A thong is one of the best women’s panty styles for those who struggle with visible panty lines. Though this female underwear provides zero coverage, it gives a seamless look. This sexy panty type is best for a honeymoon as it adds glamour instantly. Thong is best for round butt women.

4. Boyshorts: As the name says, boyshorts are derived from men’s underwear and are a women's version of briefs. Boyshorts model panty is unlike the usual panty style as it covers hips, butt and upper thighs. In Addition to this panty style, you can also wear it as loungewear. Boyshorts panties are the best for women with V-shaped or inverted triangle butt.

5. G-strings: It is a modern panty that covers only the genital area. G-stings is a panty type that helps you achieve a super-bomb sexy look. This panty style contains a narrow strip of cloth attached to the waistband.

6. Seamless- Seamless panties are popular among women and are among the best women’s underwear styles. It provides smoothing and compression benefits by helping you achieve a smooth silhouette with VPL.

Experience the Best Women’s Innerwear Online Shopping

Buy underwear online at the best price in India. Look at our women panty online collections and take your pick from the best. Shyaway is the best panty shop online, and we have innumerable happy customers. In our online panty collections, you will find many panties brands, materials and patterns that match your taste and requirements. We bet women panties shopping can’t get better than Shyaway.

Factors to consider before purchasing online panties

Many women do not pay attention while doing online panties shopping. Consider these factors before purchasing ladies panties online.

  • Keep your body shape in mind
  • Choose the right fabric and trim
  • Choose the right size and fit
  • Design

Rest assured that your pantys online shopping will be a wonderful experience. Whatever your preference may be, soft panty, sexy panty or designer panty, online shopping is never fulfilled without Shyaway. Our quality, price, panty deal, free shipping and discreet packaging will provide you with the best women's Lingerie online shopping experience. Buy panties online at the best place in India. Don’t wait. All our ladies panties online collections are limited in quality, so grab it soon before we say it’s stock out!

Panty FAQs

1. Which panty is best for ladies?

There is a plethora of panties available for women to choose from at Shyaway, however you need to take into account certain pointers when shopping for panties online. 

Fabric - Make sure you are not allergic to the fabric chosen. Always choose fabric to suit your body type. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot, choose breathable fabrics like cotton.

Coverage - Ensure your panty coverage is up to your comfort. Some women prefer minimum coverage like in Thongs and G-strings. Others prefer full coverage like in Period panties, Tummy Tuckers, Boy shorts, Hipsters and Bikini. 

2. Which type of panty is good for daily use?

More than the type, fabric is key to choosing your everyday panty. Choose cotton panties if you have sensitive skin. If you are constantly wearing business suits choose Seamless panties or Thongs. In general, to lounge at home , Bikini, Hipsters and BoyShorts are the best.

3. How panty liners are used?

Panty liners are an integral part of feminine hygiene. They are very similar to sanitary pads, but smaller, thinner and less absorbent. This means Panty Liners are mainly used during non-period days when you may experience vaginal discharge and/or spotting. They help keep your favorite women’s underwear stain free!

4. What are the types of panties?

At Shyaway we offer a wide range of panties to choose from online. Currently we carry Hipsters Bikinis, Thongs, Boy Shorts, Tummy Tuckers and Period Panties.

5. How to measure the panty size?

Bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.
The tape must be parallel to the floor and the fit must be snug.
Record the measurement in cm.
Refer to Shyaway's Panty Size Chart to find your correct panty size.