Underwired Everyday Bra

If you want to have a curvy structure then you must go for this underwired everyday bra. The wires are designed to support the busts. They are stitched at the bottom of the cup which gives you a perfect lift and enhances your breasts. Stay supported all day long in Shyaway’s Underwired Everyday Bra. A Seamless Bra or a Tshirt Bra fitted with wires comes in handy for your workwear and casuals.

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Recently we came across a query on Quora that if Underwired Bras could be used on a daily basis. We were quite taken aback and equally found it paramount to address this issue that has been fiddling many of our Indian women’s minds. In spite of several discussions and practical proofs claiming wired cups are harmless, there is some weird reason that these semi-circular strips aren’t still accepted universally. Well, here we sort out to bring some clarity to the issue.


Wired cups don’t poke

Here comes the real trick. A good quality Tshirt Bra or a Dailywear Bra with fitted wires are tailored in the proper casing and have zero proximity of sneaking out. This is because the casing is sealed efficiently with proper stitches and hence the wires rest flat on the skin without causing any harm to your adorable skin. But, in case this otherwise supportive feature seems to nudge, there might be one or more reasons for the same that could be easily overcome.

Get the proper fitting

The right size will solve half the issues that you might come across in a wired bra. Especially, when you have decided to use this highly-supportive attribute on a daily basis, spending a few minutes on the Bra Size Calculator on shyaway.com isn’t going to hurt. Ensuring the proper band and cup size will keep the bra intact even for long hours of time.

Keep it simple

An Everyday Bra is something that seems to be simple, sleek, and at the same time functional. Now that you have chosen the need of wires to bear your busts, a minimalist cotton bra is the wisest choice. This needs a sure mention because the minute you type the word wired bra on the Internet, you are sure to be flooded with images that show embellished designer bras and heavily padded demi cups. The reason behind this is that underwires apart from being greatly supportive provide impeccable lift when paired with foamed padding. Though these extravagant intimates define a fuller and rounder bustline, a lightweight construction is what is suitable to stay in comfort for a busy 9 to 5 schedule.

Practical utility in plus sizes

With increasing breast sizes, there also arises the need to add features that handle the heaviness. When a proper bra isn’t used, it might lead to sag issues when left unattended over a longer period of time. Underwires play a pretty much significant role in bearing the generously-sized busts. Apart from this, bounce protection is one other factor that needs to be addressed when it comes to a Plus Size Bra. Choosing a proper everyday bra with well-fitted underwires and side boning will ensure a secured feel with formal and casual clothing.

Moreover, it is essential to make a note of the lifetime of your bra. This will give you an idea of the age of your underwires which is a reminder that you have to buy a new one soon.