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Seamless bra - The newest addition at Shyaway will leave you spellbound. These Seamless Bras with underwires are modern, functional and pretty. Check out our alternatives like Moulded Bras and Underwire Bras.

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A lot of us think that Seamed Bras are outdated, especially if you wear western clothing habitually then the Seamed Bra option is probably ruled out. Although Seamed Bras were never meant for style, they have their own functions. However, we are in this article talking about Seamless Bras; a recent invention in the Lingerie industry. Similar to the ‘seamed’ style, the seamless also comes with highly practical functions. A Seamless Bra is one without any seams on the cups, it is tailored to be invisible underneath your clothes and does not show through.


These two are very similar in appearance but are radically different. A seamless cup can be any bra without those seams or stitches whereas a Moulded Bra has its cups moulded with a heat techonology to retian its shape. All Moulded Bras are seamless but not all seamless bras are moulded. There is also a small but significant difference between a seamless cup and a Seamless Bra. There are Bras in which only the cups are free of seams and these can be padded, non-padded, push-up or a Sports Bra. These will not make your breasts look pointed rather will give a smooth look.

But in a seamless bra, not only the cups but no part of the bra will show through your clothes, it will be completely invisible. The straps, the band or the cup lines would all be seamless appearing to be one piece of fabric and not like there are separate parts.


As discussed previously, the seam-free type makes a bra extremely versatile to be made for a legion of functions. Here is a detailed list of the types seamless bras available in Shyaway. Seams give more support to the breasts, keeps them in position and pointed in the right direction. The question is, will a bra without seams do these things?

T-Shirt Bras : It is quite obvious that T-Shirt Bra is seamles and why. The cups are moulded in these bras that offer a smooth look. This bra is truly a multi-functional undergarment. It is also preferred much more today than earlier, check out Susie’s knockout seamless bras that come in fabulous prints.

Even the other types may get away having the seams but a T-shirt must be seamless.

Everyday Bras : These are your regular bras you wear daily to work, college or just at home. They are fuss-free and very basic; designed to just support your breasts and provide a good foundation for your clothes. Earlier all regular bras were seamed or all seamed bras were everyday bras. Since women did not want their bra to show, these regular bras come in a seamless style.

Pushup Bras : A push-up bra does not need seams, the band and the underwire will yeild to the support. Also because a push-up bra naturally lifts up the boobs and shapes it, the seams are redundant here.

Nursing Bras : Although a lot of nursing bras are seamed, some of Shyle’s modern and chic feeding bras come seam-free and even padded. The straps are quite broad in feeding bras for adequate support so the seams do not make a significant difference in this too.

Sports Bras : The structure and design of a sports bra has no place or function for seams, the material used is also mesh and lycra which cannot have stitches on it. Infact , the seams will disrupt the entire function of compression in a sports bra. This bra is the one that shapes your breasts which is why sports bras are seamless.