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Do you have enough underwear? Do you repeat a Panty twice or more times in a week? Introduce some quirky, soft and comfy underwear to your wardrobe this summer. Shop fabulous printed hipster panties online today.

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If there was one undergarment that women would swear by it is the Hipster Panty. The hipsters are known for their optimal coverage and support which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It is hard to trace the exact date or year in which women started wearing the hipster, however hipsters were devolped from briefs. Many even say that the panty is a combination of Bikinis and briefs. In contrast, the word ‘hipster’ was not originally asscociated with panties or underwear. It infact, corresponded to men carrying flasks on their hips; this is back in the 1920’s during the Prohibition. Later in 1933 the meaning of hipster was revised but still referring to the hip of the human body; they called female dancers that. And after continous refinements and redifinitions the word now widely refers to and is known as a type of panty. This incredible panty sits on the hips of the wearer and can be a little above or below the waistline. Hipster panties are part of the dailywear undergarments so the most important boxes they tick off are comfort, cover and support.


People generally assume that Hipster Panty itself means full coverage, but that’s false. Hipsters come in two common coverage types; full and medium. This is because hipster; as we mentioned earlier, is partly bikini and partly brief. The hipster is not a raw and original panty design, it was derived from previous types of underwear.

FULL COVERAGE : It refers to the coverage of the bum at the rear. As the name suggests, some hipsters give full coverage and the panty extends to the butline, covering it fully. The full coverage hipster is ideal for every day use and it supports your bum well. It lays a good foundation for any bottomwear.

MEDIUM COVERAGE : A Panty has medium coverage when it covers only half of the bum. This one end a few centimetres above the butline. It provides minimal support. The mid-coverage hipster is also equally comfortable, in some casesmore comfortable because the bottom of your bum is free from the elastic or any other contraction. We highly recommend the medium coverage hipster for this sultry hot summer season. Allow your skin down there to breathe to avoid infections or allergies.

MID-RISE - This underwear has no set rules on what it should look like. So the hipster is designed to cover the sides of your hip completely irrespective of what the coverage is or what the rise is. The mid rise lies on the hip almost like a horizontal line. It is neither too low nor too high.

LOW-RISE - This is best suited for low-rise jeans and the panty forms an arc on the hip.

HIGH-WAIST - This one looks very similar to the brief, but unlike the brief they only cover the hip portion and do not have extended leg openings. They lie above the belly button and are ideal to wear with skirts, dresses or leggings.


ADORABLE LACE OVERLAY : The most elegant and classic fabric created and used enormously in not only the fashion industry but many others is the lace. Shyle is our own brand that has used lace beautiful on hipster panties. Our collection of panties is crafted with enthralling intricate white lace which is overlaid on the wings of the underwear. Overlay means that lace is stitched onto the fabric of the panty. It makes you and your underwear extra special. It is available in both cotton and polyamide; two very versatile fabrics used for Lingerie production.

SENSUOUS LACE REARS : What better way to flaunt your booty than in these truly sensational hipsters that have see-through lace crafted at the back. The delicate lace will sit on your bum well and did you know that lace has the ability to shape or accentuate your curves? The light-weight fabric of the lace allows your skin to breathe freely. This has not contract your bum either. For those who equate hipsters to grandma panties, try Shyle’s hipster panty online with a completely transparent rear.