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Hit the spot in small doses of Printed Panties that is simple, sleek and tasteful to stick on to your silhouette magnificently. Tailoring with fun and feminine accents, shyaway brings you the best Bikini Panty to be clubbed with a pretty Printed Bras in veils of hues and styles. 

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  1. Taabu Windsurfer Blue Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
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  2. Susie Multicolor Pack of 7 Antimicrobial Women's Disposable Panty
    4.6 (112)
    buy 3 for 599
  3. Susie Peach Pink Striped Cotton Hipster Panty
    4.2 (94)
    buy 5 for 599
  4. Shyle Red Denim Printed Panty
    4.5 (111)
    buy 5 for 599
  5. Taabu Salmon Peach Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    buy 5 for 599
  6. Taabu Surf Blue Floral Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    4.3 (108)
    buy 5 for 599
  7. Susie White Peach Abstract Print Cotton Hipster Panty
    4.9 (95)
    buy 5 for 599
  8. Taabu Cinnamon Brown Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    buy 5 for 599
  9. Taabu Multicolour Printed Polyamide Bikini Panty Combo A
    pack of 5
  10. Taabu Surf Blue Animal Print Polyamide Bikini Panty
    4.1 (92)
    buy 5 for 599
  11. Taabu Multicolour Printed Polyamide Bikini Panty Combo C
    pack of 5
  12. Taabu Multicolour Printed Polyamide Bikini Panty Combo B
    pack of 5
  13. Shyle Aqua Green Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4.2 (6)
    buy 3 for 599
  14. Susie Salmon Peach Paw Print Cotton Hipster Panty
    4.7 (96)
    buy 5 for 599
  15. Shyle Navy Blue Pink Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    3.9 (6)
    buy 3 for 599
  16. Taabu Ballet Pink Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    buy 5 for 599
  17. Shyle Royal Blue Black Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    3.8 (5)
    buy 3 for 599
  18. Shyle Black Pink Tribal Print Plus Size Hipster Panty
    4 (5)
    buy 3 for 599
  19. Shyle Aquarius Blue Full Coverage Printed Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  20. Susie Navy Blue Check Print Cotton Hipster Panty
    4.6 (97)
    buy 5 for 599


There are many off-stringed ladies tying over up with the same old-fashioned undergarments. Same colour, same style, same fabric, same seaming, isn’t it tiresome? What you might do after finding yourself in the world of intimates whose fashion stays diverse in motion and styles goes layer-after-layer? As Trend has driven its garment stylings based on the fashion prints. It’s a matter of fact that prints have increasingly developed in a designer’s kit. It is said that every woman’s wardrobe access has been illustrated with camouflage of pretty prints and dramatic designed clothings and bra panty sets to curve the beauty with comfy overwhelmed. After a long survey, researcher have concluded that, 80% of woman lack to keep their underwear stylings perfect as they take time on purchasing the best-fitting brassieres. In common, one must know that both Bra and panty is to be given equal importance because they act as woman’s first skin in comforting, so a good quality and fabric is needed to get that Merrywidow charm. Lingerie has covered up all beaut fillers right from florals to houndstooth printed panty to expose the enchanting beauty in womanhood. Fulfilling the ideal designers wish, shyaway has come up with the mania collections that bring fun and fantasy of wearing some blissful ones under your low skirts and jeans. 


There’s no rule that woman should only go for a plain shaded Cotton Panty while lounging around home. A printed styling brings her the blushful and spirited look like never before. This type of designer panty is fabricated in soft cotton, spandex textile giving comfort from inside. This soft material stays as a healthy choice for femininity. Though this might be light expensive, the fabric is well expensive to hygiene as it has moisture absorbent quality that avoids allergies and itching. This eco-friendly knicker has a soft cottony gusset crotch that secures vagina area from infections and wetness. This Everyday Panty style is precise to choose for comfort and prints gets the style upgraded to view. For all-over comfort, you may also love finding an ideal cotton printed bra teaming up your bottom to make the summery vibes exclusive. 


Not only in western countries, in our state also, woman love wearing bikini panties as a beachwear to expose their prettiness in the glowy sun rays. A little pretty polka dots and floral approach is going to accompany you with beauty alluringly. This sexy bikini panty is obviously to cover up the style with beaut and comfort in medium coverage. The waistbands are scalloped in stretchy spandex fabric and some printed ones are also trimmed in lace hugging your body giving a chic stature. Not only as beachwear, but also can be worn under your jeans, skirt and sarees. Woman, likely wishing for low coverage in look, go for a trendy thong panty with strings staying high on hip. The front and rear of this undie is covered with a piece of designed cloth offering a bouncing appeal.  


Walking on streets with pantylines visible is horrible. Shaping thyself with a hippie panty is a wise choice. As this one stays high near naval area, gives full protection and also acts as a tummy tucker Shapewear to ladies. Age is not a problem to wear this cordial one. Fashionable ladies of today, love going for this hipster panty because it gives ideal comfy with style elevated adorably. Prints all over this trendy one is highlighting, isn’t? It looks sexy and stylish while wearing short skirts, pants and formals. All types and style of lingerie you search for is available in our store Just keep your eyes open for much surprises waiting for u!