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Frequently Asked T-Shirt Bra Questions

What is T-Shirt bra?

It is quite a thing that there is a special category of bras for T-shirts. That evidences that T-shirts are the popular choice of clothing.

T-shirts in general are made of really thin fabrics and they are often times body hugging. For these two reasons, one should be extra careful with the type of bra worn underneath. A regular bra only gives support and shape to your breasts; they are non-padded and seamed. Buy a T-shirt bra has moulded cups, do not have seams, and sometimes have underwire. Moulded cups are different from padded cups because the former retains its shape. T-shirt bras also conceal the nipples, give full coverage to the breasts and show no bra lines. One can be comfortable and confident in a T-shirt bra for the stated reasons.

However, this bra can be an excellent choice under any clothing that is light, thin or tight fitting.

How to select a good T-Shirt bra?

The T-shirt bra will have moulded cups, light padding and will be seamless; which means no bra lines will be visible from outside. It is meant to be worn under fitted clothes, thin fabrics and of course T-shirts. Apart from these, they make your breasts full shapelier and rounded.

When you are shopping for T-shirt bras, make sure these features are present in them. Even a normal padded bra can come off as T-shirt bras but they won’t be no any use when you are actually wearing a T-shirt.

A contour bra or a T-Shirt bra; what’s the difference?

There is quite a difference between a Contour bra and a T-shirt bra. The structure, fit, function and design are not only different but are contrary to each other.

While all T-shirt bras are contouring, not all contour bras are T-shirt bras. A t-shirt bra is designed to shape your breasts and look seamless. The difference really lies in the padding and the function. All T-shirt bras are made of contour cups (when the cups are moulded), and they have very thin layer of padding, but contour bras have considerably thick padding. The purpose of a T-shirt bra is to just shape the boobs and provide a seamless, invisible look from the outside. Whereas a contour bra is designed to enhance the shape and make it rounded. A T-shirt bra gives full nipple coverage and is appropriate for fitted clothes. But both these bras retain their shape even when they are not worn.

What are benefits of wearing a T-Shirt bra?

T-shirt bras are very commonly used by women and are known for their exemplary benefits. Wearing an authentic T-shirt bra gives you a very smooth look around your busts and also a good definition to your breasts. The T-shirt bra gives full coverage and will reveal no bra lines. Since your nipples will be concealed through the padded, you can wear the bra underneath tight-fitting clothes and thin fabrics. They are also appropriate for formal occasions, because you want to look your best and be comfortable.

In a T-shirt bra you can be assured and feel secured in anything you wear on the outside; it expands your choices of clothing. Have no embarrassing moments of looking down to check how your breasts look from the outside. For best results, buy pastel or nude colored T-shirt bras so that the color doesn’t show through your thin and tight clothing.


A lingerie friend of yours came into fashion now days. Yes! We are talking about the trendy yet attractive T-shirt bras. This pretty dude is known for its smooth base and delightful comfort, called by diverse names such as contour bra, Tee bra, T bra, shaper bra and seamless bra. True to fact that the names are uniquely and perfectly matches the featuring of this brassiere. In every woman’s wardrobe shows up this fashionable Tee bra, versatile in nature, a great foundation to dailywear loose fittings and workwear form fittings. As bra legends meant, a right fit makes great difference, this fabulous lingerie piece creates a flow of comfort and support to woman. When going to shop this contour bra in traditional lingerie shops, you may find only certain styles with limited features but in online sites, you will come across many bra manufactures and brands that have their own way of defining this shaper bra. Wake up girls, it’s not those past days, following the styles and structure of T-shirt bra, now a day, there have been many brands in promoting Tee bras according the styles and types of ladies clothing. Yes, even in our site, you will find not just plain on-going trends but also printed and lace marvelous collections.


Bringing modest to outfits, this light weight brassiere is an ideal compact for your form-fitting tops clinging to the body neatly avoiding certain bumps and lumps from shown. May it be a fine lace skater dress or a tight fitting tank top, this wonder bra plays magic moving invisible to your glimpse. Woman for all sizes and ages love going with this gracious bra type because of its optimal support and comfort, creates a smooth silhouette to the wearer. In shyaway, you will find many options suiting all bust typed women. Right from padded bra type to underwired bra styling, all are available in unlimited assortments in pleasing prints and luxe lace offering the fancy and fetching glance.


Many used to call this as contour bras, but do you really know the reason behind those names. Both contour and Tee bra are different in style but have some similar features that make them stay together. In common this two bra falls under the same functionality of a moulded bra cup. Yes! The cups of this bra are neatly tailored with moulding technique that holds the shape of the cup even it’s not used. But in some brands, cups seem unmolded that fairly do not comes under contour section.

There are certain tips that make our idea clear to differentiate between these two. T-shirt bras always have seamless cups, while the contour style comes with either seam or seamless ones. Another is about the paddings or linings in cups. Thinner and light as foam is the Tee bra that act as the second skin to woman. When we see in contour bra, level paddings to mould the beaut are provided.  

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