Underwired Casual Bra

Feel wholesome in a Casual Underwired Bra from Shyaway’s Dailywear Lingerie Collection. Not a fan of wired Bras? Wirefree Cotton Bras are lined-up as well!

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It is no surprise that under wires are often pictured as that notorious villain in a movie. All those talks about these semi-circular strips of metals or plastics ruining your skin and tissues are absolute misconceptions. They aren’t that bad, after all. These underrated wires are practical performers yet often misunderstood when it comes to buying one. You may find some irony in the topic though. It is common to see wired cups in sexy styles like that of a Push-Up Bra, but how on earth would it fit in a dailywear casual bra? Well, we understand the confusion. We were initially skeptical too until we found how functional these petite fittings could be to the 24*7 bust huggers. Here are a few general facts about an Underwired Bra and how efficient it is when they come tailored in an everyday intimate.


Perfectly molded cups, seamless finish, happy-go prints, and straps to style; yes, we are talking about nothing but a T-Shirt Bra. Be it casual lounging, a shopping spree with your girl gang or a bustling 9 to 5 work day, these gratifying basics have remained an all-time favorite. The value of these dailies is further enhanced when stable and supportive wires are sewn into their cups. Apart from handling the heaviness of the breasts, under wires also offer a subtle lift and proper contouring. Formal button-up shirts, V-neck business casuals and collared T-shirts look fabulously fine with these wired wonders.


The ultimate load bearers in plus size bras, underwires take huge responsibility here. When it comes to larger bust sizes, a regular brassiere is out of question. With rightly proportioned cups and side encircles tailored appropriately to enclose the generous breast tissues, an underwired plus size bra will do all the right things to address the bounce issues and posture irregularities. Since this is associated a lot with the physical health, these bras in this case serve their best on an everyday basis. Likewise, thank your wired cups for those non-saggy days! Since the metal strips extend from under the arm to the centre of the gore, there is no way your breasts could sag. Keep in mind that if the sagging problem persists, it might be because of improper sizing. Simply use Shyaway’s Bra Size Calculator on the site to solve the snag.


It is unfair to neglect feeding bras while discussing casual intimates. There definitely comes a time in a woman’s life when these nourish-time essentials are put to good use. But, where does underwires even come into the picture? Yes, there are wired nursing bras available in the market and they have their very own utility of supporting the lactating busts in all the right ways. But, there are a few hard and fast rules of using wired bras only after the lactation remains regularized, which might differ from woman to woman.

Alongside, it is also an astonishing fact that the lingerie market offers sports bras with fitted underwires. Though this comes down to every woman’s personal preferences, the awareness of the underwires being beneficial is on the rise in the recent times. It is, in fact, a positive signs that misleading myths of wired bras are slowly fading away. Guess you have now found more than one reason to buy a casual underwired bra online.